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The author of the mix Gosh Snobo, previously known as DJ Snobo, Latvian DJ, producer, radio operator and music critic who lives and works in Riga. Active since the early 1990's, Gosh was establishing and taking part in multiple musical formations as a guitarist, singer and songwriter/frontman. The most known projects are Yaputhma Sound System, Pasaki Onkuliem Ata and Gosh & The Brand New Hedgehogs, all of them employing the concept of polystylistic musical circus. Gosh turned more into DJing in the late 1990's and never limited himself to any musical frames. With the enormous baggage of musical knowledge Gosh is here to dedicate to you all his latest musical statement.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 074” is a cross-genre mix that reflects Gosh's long experience working in a radio station and also his personal longevous favourites. It can be interpreted as a musical mosaic of literary inspired records disregarding any concrete emotional condition or any specific stylistic trajectory. Anyway, the selection is thoughtfully crafted and accurately developed so the listener can fully merge into the smoothly flowing eclectic wholeness. Skilfully weaved 24 surprising records by refined musicians such as Stephan Mathieu, Lisa Germano, Hauschka, Machinefabriek, AGF and other talents evoke a delightful listening satisfaction. Tracks were released between 1980 and 2013 and vary among ambient, folk and classical, electronica. The author is focussing on a very conceptual, emotionally charged music which is often covered with diverse vocals and bright melodies cuts. The kaleidoscopic palette of micro-sounds, minimalistic ambiance, drones, abstractness and deeply blending compositions in the Gosh's mind and hands generates a perfect meditative soundscape for a sparkling evening horizon. However, each included track, which is often distinctly non-electronic, hold its certain skewness, weirdness and uniqueness. Strong melodic and acoustic content produces a feeling of expressive tension, that is only released in the coda, which sounds almost out of place, like the sound of an mythical afterlife. Lots of used material was specially re-edited by Gosh to achieve a more flexible and rotational selection. It is possible to hear some fragments of high-quality pop music that enriches the whole structure with some purified reality. The interesting fact of this mix is that all vocals in the tracks are performed by female artists and many instrumental parts as well.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 074” is like a vivid and expressive Aleksandra Ekster's cubo-futuristic design “Costume Design for the play 'Famira Kifared'” with a strong intention of the antique theatre and Socrates' philosophy. However, the best final speech is said by Gosh himself: "After four years of constant selecting, mixing, playing out, hosting radio shows I feel that this chapter in my life is closed and I'm going inwards, concentrating on things that are more important for me these days. I'm not planning to make mixtapes in foreseeable future, officially my last mix was drawing the best of 2012, and the Secret 13 mix is a kind of post scriptum". Secret Thirteen had a honorable chance to present one of the greatest Latvian die-hard music lover's long-matured selection, so feel free to give it a spin as this sophisticated work is definitely worth for your patience, support and attention.

Show Playlist
00:00:00 AGF – LETSmakEourOWNmovies [Orthlorng Musork, 2004]
00:02:22 Camille – Senza [Virgin France, 2005]
00:04:32 Jenny Hval – Oslo Oedipus [Rune Grammofon, 2013]
00:05:48 Bright Eyes – Cassadega (edit) [Saddle Creek, 2007]
00:08:11 Lisa Germano – Simply Tony [Major Bill, 1991]
00:10:10 Nude on Sand – Vowel [Sofa, 2011]
00:13:07 Léonore Boulanger – Voir [Le Saule/Clouds Hill, 2013]
00:16:20 Glen Velez – Bendir [Schematic, 2003]
00:17:56 His Name Is Alive – Reincarnation [4AD, 1990]
00:19:48 Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother (edit) [Constellation, 2013]
00:22:35 Insa Donja Kai – Yurnadev (edit) [Sonic Pieces, 2012]
00:25:04 Hauschka & Kai Angermann – Brighton One (edit) [unreleased, 2011]
00:31:21 Leah Kardos – Remnant 1 [Bigo & Twigetti, 2011]
00:34:01 FAY – Talk With My Body (The-Drum Remix) [unreleased, 2012]
00:36:49 Djrum – Honey [2nd Drop, 2013]
00:40:58 Lotide – Lover’s Masque [Astro:Dynamics, 2013]
00:43:14 Стук бамбука в XI часов – La Cheval de Ma Vie [self-released 1991/Izhitsa Records 2001] 00:46:20 Sven Grünberg – Algus [Мелодия, 1980]
00:49:13 Morrissey – Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye (edit) [HMV, 1991]
00:51:24 Jim Perkins – Chopin Prelude [Bigo & Twigetti, 2011]
00:55:30 Stephan Mathieu – Felicite [Baskaru, 2013]
00:59:48 S. Maharba – For Someone (Abandonment) [Dropping Gems, 2012]
01:03:22 Machinefabriek – Blue [Fang Bomb, 2012]
01:05:56 πEnsemble – Botania Suctila (edit) [Yojik ConCon, 2011]

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