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The author of the mix is Gintas Kraptavicius (b. 1969), publicly known as Gintas K, a Lithuanian sound and interdisciplinary artist living and working in Marijampole, Lithuania. Kraptavicius has been a part of Lithuanian experimental music scene since 1994. He is a co-founder of the initial Lithuanian industrial music group “Modus”. He became known for his sound manipulations, theatrical performances and conceptual art in the manner of Fluxus. Nowadays Kraptavicius is working in the field of digital experimental and electroacoustic music. His compositions are based on explorations of static, micro and tonal sounds, various accurate experimentations with sine waves and accidental digital modulations, also overloaded noisy sound structures, acoustic vibrations. In over a decade he has released numerous of records on labels such as Cronica, Zeromoon, Baskaru, Dangus and others. He is also making music for films, sound installations and participating in various international festivals. In 2010 he was a winner of the II International Sound-Art Contest “Broadcasting Art 2010” in Spain. A year later Kraptavicius has become a member of Lithuanian Composers Union. Also it important to mention that Kraptavicius is a curator of “Various Artists – Lithuanian Sound Art” (2012) compilation - an introduction to modern sound art in Lithuania.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 082” is a considerate and sustained audio compilation that includes 15 original records created and released between 1982 and 2012. From the stylistic perspective Kraptavicius has connected music ranging from experimental, abstract, glitch, acoustic rock and another indefinable formations. Constructive works by the prominent international artists such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Bauhaus, The Hafler Trio, Pan Sonic, Philip Glass, Sachiko M, Gintas K and other skilled sound sculptors vary from puzzling soundscapes to elaborate rhythmical architecture. Gradually shifting, waving and expanding interactive pieces create a complex background that is full of bizarre expression and unexpectedness. Algorithmically deformed melodic and rhythmic patterns, innovatively combined and shaped sound atmospheres and field recordings generate a fictional sound installation that evokes sublime visual surroundings in the unconscious. Occasionally emerging suggestive and lyrical vocals, organic piano consonances and fluid guitar chords give a subtle vitality and pure emotion to this selection. The development of the mix is patient, accurate and conceptual that progressively examines different sound particles intersection and the whole flexible consistency of recordings. Kraptavicius has chosen to play compositions almost completely to mirror his early influences that indirectly shaped his personal creations and his approach to the whole experimental music and minimalism art scene. High-quality production requires professional headphones or hi-fi sound system to fully absorb eclectic surface and its micro sounds matrix, tonal convulsions of this mix.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 082” is like a deliberate and symbolic Lawren Harris' abstract painting “Abstract Painting #20” where picturesque curves and simplified visionary contours capture wider, almost spiritual representation of a transcendental monument. Same as in Harris' existential painting that is enriched with a remarkable sense of modernism, Kraptavicius' mix reflects unique architectonic forms of the multifunctional environment, perfectly maintained subtle emotional balance, longevity of penetrating characteristic creation and complete sophistication.

Show Playlist
1. Detritus - Cicadas from El Vaivén De Los Ciclos (Genital Productions) 1996
2. The Hafler Trio - Fuck (Touch) 1992
3. Sachiko M - Don't Touch from Sine Wave Solo (Amoebic) 1999
4. Philip Glass - Dance 8 (Sony) 1983
5. David Dunn ‎- Mimus Polyglottos from Music, Language And Environment (Innova Recordings‎) 1996
7. Dumb Type - Scanning Memory from Memorandum (CCI Recordings) 2000
8. Mechos - Raxor from Various vs. Disinformation ‎– Al-Jabr (Ash International) 1999
9. Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything from 1979-1983: Volume Two
10. Gintas K - ** 2012
11. АукцЫон - Lamp from АукцЫон без саксофона 1997
12. Pan Sonic - Teurastamo from Kulma (Blast First) 1997
13. Eric La Casa - Ouroboros 6 from Various ‎- Liminality (Digital Narcis Corporation,. Ltd.) 1997
14. Einstürzende Neubauten - The Garden from Ende Neu (Mute) 1996
15. Kozo Inada - a[0] from Staalplaat 3 compilation volume 1999
16. Ken Ikeda - Hydantol from Tzuki (Moon) (Touch) 2000

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