Secret Thirteen Mix 087 - Geistform

Geistform - Secret Thirteen Mix

Geistform at Work

An algorithmic live recording by Geistform immersing the listener into a grand maelstrom of colliding electricity.

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The author of this live recording is Rafael Martinez Espinosa, known as Geistform, a Spanish industrial/electro music producer and performer based in Rubí (Barcelona). Espinosa started his career in the early 2000's and released 5 electrified albums on labels such as Germany's Hands Productions and Belgium’s Daft Records managed by authoritative artist Dirk Ivens (Dive, Klinik, Absolute Body Control etc.). Espinosa also collaborated with Ivens on the “Behind The Sun” album thus immediately gained a worldwide recognition and reputation amongst harsh and noisy rhythmical composition listeners. Geistform production is influenced by minimal techno and industrial sound. His powerful electronic beats, intense analog textures and distortions are generated mostly from analog sources, oscillators and strictly electronic tones. Geistform's live shows are known to be locomotive, penetrating and extremely danceable. His performances at notable shows such as Maschinenfest, Forms Of Hands and others across Europe mirrors his high technical skillfulness and pure conceptuality.

Geistform's studio setup

Geistform's studio setup

“Secret Thirteen Mix 087” is an algorithmic and accurate live recording that reveal its author's accumulation to sound, logic clarity and musical sophistication. This recording smoothly connects 9 Geistform's slightly shifting compositions (numerous of them were played for the first time). Each work assumes a new musical color, because entirely maintained improvisation in previously projected works can not be fully replicated. While listening to attentively controlling different signals and sequences, comes a feeling like Geistform is quickly falling into a "comfort point" making his recording richer, moving and integral. All these frosty tones, pulses, static noises and frequently convulsing rhythms professionally developed in the architectural background create magnificent electrified spaces and colossal dimensions of macro-sounds. High fidelity speakers and loud volume should let clearly express the electric tension and how electrons are working in this timeless masterwork.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 087” is like a deeply hypnotizing and sequential Leon Arthur Tutundjian's abstract painting “Abstract Composition” where black and white geometrical background creates diverse illusions and interpretations of reality. Feels like painting's figural language of surrealism transmits a coded report about parallel worlds, scientology and different future scenarios. Geistform's mathematical recording, where he intently transforms his longevous musical and life experience into a striking tonal matrix, gradually reflects Tutundjian's transcendental work. Geistform's fully balanced artistic vision enables the listener to immerse into a grand maelstrom of colliding electricity.


1. Geistform - Untitled
2. Geistform - Explorer
3. Geistform - stc model
4. Geistform - Untitled
5. Geistform - Volt Fields
6. Geistform - Gradient
7. Geistform - Atlas
8. Geistform - Zener
9. Geistform - Telemeter

Equipment used

Samplers/sequencers - MPC 2500 and Elektron.
Analog synthesizers - Modified Korg MS20, MFB and Moog minitaur+cp module.
Digitech reverb and delay.
Electro Harmonix fuzz and distortion effects and Ring modulator.
Mackie mixer.

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  1. Y como es costumbre de Geistform, otra gran realizacion para deleitarnos!! gracias y muchas felicidades Rafael!!