Secret Thirteen Mix 137 - Teste

Teste - Secret Thirteen Mix

Dave Foster & Thomas S. Browning

A harsh and adventurous selection picked by the legendary techno innovators Teste (listen now)

Teste is the legendary techno project from Canada emerged in 1992 with its classical release “The Wipe”, which subtly influenced the generations ahead as well as contemporary landscape of atmospheric techno and related genres. Their sound affected a wide variety of techno artists ranging from Donato Dozzy to Claudio PRC to Dino Sabatini, Rrose or Function. “The Wipe” (its “5AM Synaptic” and “Sonik Dub” versions) is an intense and hypnotic exploration of spacious atmospheric techno, bursting with energy and immersing listener into its monolith vaults of cosmic sonics. The single draws some elements from the industrial genre and represents the new approach to techno. It is definitely one of the most influential and impressive pieces from that decade.

The story began when Teste, which at that time consisted of Dave Foster (aka Preceptrons), Thomas S. Browning and Himadri Ghosh (who is no longer involved with the band), handed their demo cassette to Richie Hawtin. Admitting listening to it many times on repeat, he released the album on his own Probe Records. Now after more than 20 years this piece still sounds fresh and with the genre constantly reinventing itself its influence remains. Now Teste operates as a duo and continues fascinating with its great sets. A new “The Wipe” version was released by Edit Select together with “The Rewipes” plate with remixes from before mentioned Rrose and Dino Sabatini.

This diverse, yet coherently crafted selection (originally titled “Containment Facility”) represents the apparent and more implicit influences of Teste. It was compiled by David Foster aka HUREN. The result is an intense and raw attack of harsh sonic structures ranging from aggressive noise/industrial outbursts to atmospheric techno. The mix also includes excellent Claudio PRC remix of “The Wipe”, which perfectly fits in this context. The industrial background is hinted at in KK Null excerpts or Clock Dva track tweeked hy HUREN himself. Neu! “Für Immer” version infuses some kosmische touch into the whole picture. This collection also encompasses artists from different eras and aesthetical backgrounds - from 70’s classically trained conductor and experimentalist Nino Nardini to American drummer Keith LeBlanc or legendary UK techno by Mark Broom. There is also a place for futurist atmospheres of SNTS or such industrial underground voyagers like Pessary or Eric Random. All these pieces are merged into coherent whole of uneasy, but adventurous listening of complex, spacious and in-depth sounds of industrial techno.


01. Michael Gira - I'm An Infant, I Worship Him [Ecstatic Peace!, 1984]
02. Mark Broom - Untitled (Edit Select Dub) [Edit Select Records, 2014]
03. SNTS - N5 [SNTS, 2014]
04. Nino Nardini - Conflit Nucléaire [Creel Pone, 2006 - org. in 1970]
05. Unknown Collective - UCD001 [Self-released, 2014]
06. Miszczyk - 140216_125934-[1] [Unreleased]
07. Keith LeBlanc - Get This -> Major Malfunction [World Records, 1986]
08. Neu! - Für Immer (Eye Remix) [Grönland Records, 2013]
09. Le Syndicat - Désastre-D [Staalplaat, 1991]
10. Pessary - Inside Out [Dirter Promotions, 1991]
11. Eric Random - Dow Chemical Company [New Hormones, 1981]
12. Opgang 2 - De Chirico [Steel City Records, 1997]
13. Kareem - Divine Hunger [Zhark Recordings, 2014]
14. KK Null - Untitled (cut from “Live @ Electron” record) [Noiseville, 2008]
15. Teste - The Wipe (Claudio PRC Remix) [Edit Select Records, 2014]
16. CLOCKDVA - Final Program (Decoded) [Contempo Records, 1991] (HUREN’s cosmic tempo manipulation)
17. Whorebutcher - One Step Away [Hospital Productions, 2008]
18. AVM - Flesh Riot [Duality Recs, 2012]

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