Secret Thirteen Mix 002 - Eril Fjord


Eril Fjord - Secret Thirteen Mix

“Secret Thirteen Mix 002” is a masterly improvised live recording that consists of unpublished works created between 2010-2011 by Krisztián Pető under his debuting pseudonym Eril Fjord.

The author of the live act Krisztián Pető – Eril Fjord is a conceptual electronic music artist, based in Budapest, Hungary. This artist, notorious for his membership in Magamura project, is also well known as Chris Plastic for his legendary techno, ambient music sets. By connecting abstract minimalistic rhythms, silky clicks and cinematic atmospheres he is here to express his new alter ego Eril Fjord.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 002” is a dynamic and mightily penetrating live recording that proves author’s maturity in technical knowledge and his profound perception of sound itself. By using such hardware like Korg Monotrone, MS-20 Legacy, Kaoss Pad, Yamaha PSS-570, electric guitar he adds an extreme quality mark and individuality to his production. Rhythmical structures of abstract techno connected with numerous motives of styles disclose formulas of experimental sounding while vibrating nebulous spheres covered with glitch effects become an upper layer binding the whole musical installation. There is no need to embed this music into any box of genre because this live act is simply a definite proof of contemporary musical consistency.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 002” is a masterpiece that presents a reform in perception of sounding trajectories. It is futuristic, unique production which leads one to explore the unknown distant objects in the universe of sound.


01. Eril Fjord - Live

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