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Stave - Secret Thirteen Mix 147The author of the mix is Jonathan Krohn, a Chicago-based electronic music artist and graphic designer who is operating under Stave alias. Moreover, together with Karl Meier he is working on the industrial techno project Talker. Their self-titled debut LP album has been recently released on the critically acclaimed Downwards imprint. Johnathan is also a part of experimental rock group Male, which is now defunct. Krohn solo works were released on Repitch Recordings, Flingco Sound System and Trensmat. Judging from the facts mentioned above it is clear that in the last couple of years Krohn firmly rooted his musical concepts into the worldwide electronic music ‘soil’ and is about to grow and expand even more. His recent live performances in New York’s Bunker (with Regis), Berlin’s Contort or various Brussels’ underground venues are good proof of this.

Stave’s production combines a great palette of influences mostly taken from the 1980s/1990s Chicago-related punk/rock scene. Steve Albini (Big Black and Shellac) is another source of inspiration for him. This is how Krohn interprets Albini’s music: “Albini’s got that real metal on metal, tinny guitar sound, low end bass and tuned drums… to me that sounded like… techno.” [1] Probably this is why later Krohn chosen to investigate the harsh and metallic world of sound, which in the end was transformed into his stellar, purely analog electronic music with a strong feel of identity. Repetitive machinery rhythms, grunge sound textures, glitchy percussions and stone-cold effects are the fundamentals of Stave’s turbulent recordings.

Krohn was keen enough to compile and record a conceptual mix containing his early influences of rock, punk and post rock music. All the bands featured in this mix had/have/has a Chicago connection. The author himself says: “It is a timeless music that still resonates.” There is probably no wonder why a big part of the playlist includes artists from the cult Chicago-based Touch and Go label. Big Black, The Jesus Lizard, Negative Approach, Rapeman are only a few respectable names in the list. 14 diverse and smoothly fused records released between 1982 and 2002 should easily capture the ear of each die-hard punk/rock music lover. Enrico Baj’s painting “Decorati” could be the right visual interpretation of Stave’s mix, because both works are strongly related to anarchism and radiates the scorn for cultural and political orthodoxy.

[1] Quote taken from Jonathan Krohn: Sonic Sense


01. U.S. Maple - Bumps and Guys [Drag City, 1999]
02. Tar - G7 [Touch and Go, 1993]
03. The Jesus Lizard - Boilermaker [Touch and Go, 1992]
04. Naked Raygun - I Lie [Naked Raygun/Quarterstick, 1983]
05. Negative Approach - Ready To Fight [Touch and Go, 1982]
06. Big'n - Old Negro Work Song [Box Factory Records, 1999]
07. Negative Approach - Nothing [Touch and Go, 1982]
08. Big Black - Passing Complexion [Touch and Go, 1986]
09. Tortoise - Onions Wrapped In Rubber [Thrill Jockey, 1994]
10. Rapeman - Trowser Minow [Touch and Go, 1988]
11. Die Kreuzen - Rumors [Touch and Go, 1984]
12. Shellac - Il Porno Star [Touch and Go, 1994]
13. The Jesus Lizard - Happy Bunny Goes Fluf-Fluf Along [Touch and Go, 1992]
14. Low - Shots & Ladders [Kranky, 2002]

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