Anamorphic Mirror - Interactive Logo Installation


photo (c) ART+COM
Anamorphic Mirror is the installation by the Berlin based new media design studio ART+COM, now active for more than 25 years. Studio develops innovative projects in all formats ranging from single interactive installations to media-augmented exhibition designs, interactive environments and interactive architectures. This project is located at the end of a staircase of the conference and brand area in the Deutsche Banks headquarters in Frankfurt.

Installation consists of crystal-like faceted mirror and blue light which is projected on the opposite wall. It is a reflection of the bank's logo, designed by the famous German graphic designer, photographer and painter Anton Stankowski. The installation is based on the principle of anamorphosis: what you see changes as you change your perspective and position in space. Standing at the bottom of the stairs visitor primarily see some random blue reflections on the surfaces of the mirror. As the visitor gets closer, the reflections begin to take shape until they resolve into the banks blue logo upon the visitor reaches the top of the stair.

photo (c) ART+COM
This installation expands the boundaries of graphic design and successfully becomes a luxurious detail of interior design.

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