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ANFS is the aka of Athenian producer and DJ George Anifantis. Involved in the music industry from an early age and working as a sound engineer in studios, George discovered electronic music, and soon got attracted to the most experimental obscure tendencies. After his superb remix of Kondaktor’s “Signal #1”, ANFS will release his debut EP with Modal Analysis in September. Entitled “Ground EP”, this work is good example of the passion this Greek artist feels for dark innovative music.

“Ground” is a four-track EP based on noise and dystopia. While this work uses a wide palette of distorted textures and deep ambient drones, it also incorporates mesmerizing industrial beats. Indeed, the percussion enriches the sound and strengthens the hypnotic mantra the songs manage to develop. The EP follows a clear order, as if the artist was telling a story, with an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The first track, “Ground#1” opens the album with a dark evocative soundscape that serves as prelude for “Ground#2”. In the latter, listeners shall notice how those ritualistic percussions gain presence and get wrapped around the factory-like environment introduced on the opening track. “Ground#3” offers a dark disturbing compound of layers, including traditional Greek sounds and ethereal choral voices. Finally, “Ground#4” is a truly expressive and even darker piece. Intense from the very first second, it starts with a fat reverbed drum that merges with the industrial background created by ANFS, and grows throughout the four minutes it lasts. Undoubtedly it constitutes a superb way to conclude the story told in this overwhelming EP.

This work is the dark and experimental first release by ANFS. The industrial atmosphere this sound creator manages to build is perfectly backed by wet grey distorted layers, ceremonial drums, Greek folk sounds and deep vocals. Those who like highly emotional noise/experimental music will be like pigs rolling in mud listening to this.

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