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After publishing their acclaimed first album “Porcus Norvegicus” on Neuropa, Blitzkrieg Baby, the band led by Kim Sølve (K100, Swarms, M…), has a brand new second work. “Kids’ World EP”, which was released by a Swedish label Beläten last February in C40 cassette and digital formats, is an EP which actually consists of 9 tracks and lasts around 40 minutes and full of thick industrial atmospheres, brutality and anxiety. The album has been released as an EP due to the fact that it contains four tracks previously included in compilations, as well as “Children in Uniform MMXIII”, a reworking of the original song that appeared on “Porcus Norvegicus”. Be that as it may, “Kids’ World EP” represents a superb effort and undoubtedly emphasizes Sølve’s commitment to experimentation.

While many bands in industrial genre have chosen more dogmatic styles, Blitzkrieg Baby offers a unique sound and goes far beyond creative boundaries, which are often useless. Of course, the album has elements typically linked to industrial genre but it is not at all limited to them. “Kids’ World EP” combines dark ambient layers, purely industrial beats and metallurgical environments. For instance, the opening track, also entitled “Kids’ World”, allows potential listeners to enter the realm created by the band for this album with a military march rhythm, a terrifying atmosphere and straight-to-the-point lyrics regarding child soldier drama. Indeed, the lyrics on the album, sometimes sarcastic, reflect a strong criticism against issues such as broken childhood, terror, politics and news manipulation, and rape rallies. Other examples of this direct criticism are “The Swine Supremacy”, “Children in Uniform MMXIII” or “Your Happy Place”. Besides, this work does have some awesome instrumental pieces such as “Those They Could Not Fuck, They Kill” or “Incinerator Symphony No 1”, which provide listeners with drone soundscapes and slow pace percussions — highly recommendable for Raime or Haxan Cloak fans — and show a deep interest for the sound as a whole, for music as a state of mind.

In brief, what should make “Kids’ World EP” a MUST for any underground music lover, is its combination of traditional industrial-like structures with drone ambiences, noise effects and grim landscapes. Also, this merge of styles, rage and criticism definitely creates in itself a cry of anger against the reality built by humankind. Negativity and violence against a negative and violent world. A dystopian soundtrack for an increasingly dystopian world.

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