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Ren Schofield’s Container is back to trepan your skull with a savage LP on Spectrum Spools (listen now)

Ren Schofield’s Container is back. After his astonishing first full length “LP” in 2012, and having toured extensively both in Europe and the US ever since, this risky, innovative American producer is about to release his latest album to date. Also entitled “LP”, this work saw the light on June 8th both in digital format and vinyl, on Spectrum Spools.

"LP" is an 8-track album that underlines Schofield’s commitment to avant-garde techno. While raw, aggressive and experimental are simply a series of overtly obvious labels that can be used to describe this album, there is certainly more to it than that. Listeners should quickly notice that the American’s manner of composition is free from boundaries or any genre-based limitations. In fact, what is truly palpable is that Container has ventured into unexplored places from both the compositional and sound sculpting perspective. This one-of a kind approach exhibited in “LP” has resulted in great structural diversity through which he manages to pull-off polished arrangements, dirty FX and danceable floor-breaking structures. It feels enigmatic and explicitly violent all while sounding very intuitive - almost like a live set in an underground venue built on high bpm and raw distortion.

"Eject" opens the album and goes straight to the point. Furious distorted percussion, sharp effects and frantic drums give shape to an absolutely demented structure. The density and infectious rhythms of "Remover" and "Peripheral" leave no room for contemplation and are an invitation to dive into the versatile amphetamine-fast tempo. Tracks like "Cushion" offer Container in his most club-minded vicious fashion. Its dextrous acid basslines and impetuous hi-hats are set to blow any hard-techno lover’s mind. The psycho low-paced dub rhythm in the closing track, "Calibrate", develops step-by-step throughout its 3 minutes to become a cyclic architecture of glitchy malfunctioning details and noisy atmospheres. Indeed, this track is just the perfect ending for an enjoyable and inspiring track list.

“LP” is truly an insane try by Ren Schofield. These eight neutron bombs of avant-garde to the bone and strangely hypnotic material are spat out of the speakers to trepan your skull. This is techno written in capital letters and a declaration of intent — the constant high-paced beats merging with a fascinating myriad of effects make “LP” the craziest full length recording by Container to date. Absolutely essential.

Wake In Fright 12"

A1 Tabloid
A2 Habit
A3 The Lost
A4 The Light At The End (Cause)
B1 The Killing Of America
B2 Bootlicker
B3 Night Of Fear
B4 The Light At The End (Effect)

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