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FUME Artist Lithuania Album Review

Fume – Luminance 12″ LP

An exclusive stream of Luminance LP on Suru Records by the upcoming Lithuanian artist Fume who makes in-depth murky beats and dark organic soundstreams.

Fume is the moniker of Lithuanian producer Maximilian, who has been silently crafting his dark-veiled, organic and breezy soundscapes for quite a while. In the beginning, Fume had been known for garage/beats rhythms, but over time they crystalised into more abstract and IDMish formations, as heard on his first vinyl LP.

Luminance is a photometric measure of the luminous intensity per unit area of light traveling in a given direction. It describes the amount of light that passes through, is emitted or reflected from a particular area, and falls within a given solid angle.

The core ground inspiration points for Fume’s Luminance come from a mixture of cultural curiosities in the theoretical physics of light, computer science, the expansion of artificial intelligence and the philosophy of physics. Fume builds his audio narrative from digitised bits and pieces of raw trip hop and break-esque elements, which he surrounds in cold, foggy ambient soundscapes with piercing raw leads. A little bit off from the urban city soundscape, yet not in the foggy forest mist. After nearly two years of silence, Fume presents Luminance, which is out October 18th on Suru Records.

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