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Grey Branches is the new project by Yves De Mey. The Belgian sound designer, who is one of the most interesting figures in current techno scene, has always demonstrated how versatile and intense his sonic journeys can be. Indeed, his entire career has been constantly marked by that fact. Also, from early drum’n’bass and breakbeat times, through sound installations, to Sendai project together with Peter Van Hoesen — please, take a listen to the mix they have exclusively recorded for Secret 13 —, his superb sound design technique has been highly regarded among fans, peers and music producers. Now, Inner Surface is about to release his latest solo EP. “Lower Bounds” has seen the light on the 8th December 2014.

After albums like 2009 “Lichtung” and 2011 “Counting Triggers”, as well as other finest EPs such as 2013 “Metrics” or this year’s “Monad XVIII”, expectations are obviously high. However, it seems that Yves feels no pressure at all. In fact, “Lower Bounds” has proven to be a brilliant four-track extended play. The combination of several genres is a constant in his work, thus labelling his style is often a useless effort. This time, listeners shall notice what they have here is a killer and hybrid work. “Exsolve” is undoubtedly an abrasive broken-rhythm techno piece that could recall other acts such as Vatican Shadow. “Lower Bounds” explores new psychedelic soundscapes. With multiple effects and an immersive arpeggio, the track underlines Grey Branches’ imaginative approach. “Binate” dives deep into the very essence of experimental techno. Danceable and frantic, this song shall blow anyone’s mind with its insistent mantra, ferocity and background layers. The closing one, entitled “Plangent”, is an abstract atonal piece lost somewhere between drone and dark ambient. It starts distortedly but softly, and gains intensity till reaching its peak towards the middle, to die smoothly in the end, like an agonising heartbeat.

All in all, Grey Branches is another outstanding step forward in Yves De Mey’s path. His unparalleled experimentalism, raw power and state-of-art production transform “Lower Bounds” into a juicy fruit for any electronic music lover. This eclectic EP melts organic and metallic sounds to sculpt a solid-as-a-rock work of art. Distorted rhythms, linear arrangements, technoid tracks, abstraction, strength… Wonderful.

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