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Based in the North of Spain — in Asturias — LCC is an electronic act consisting of Uge Pañeda and Ana Quiroga. After a couple of digital only releases like “Polar Bears are Coming”, Editions Mego released their first “tangible” full length. The album, which is entitled “d/evolution”, saw the light on the 26th of May in both vinyl and digital formats. The duo have been working hard for the last few years on polishing their sound and “d/evolution” is a clear proof that they have done a great job. In fact a series of very favorable reviews and extremely evocative live sets underline and confirm that LCC — acronym of Las CasiCasiotone — is a name that should be remembered.

LCC - 'Calx' from LCC on Vimeo.

“d/evolution” is a highly conceptual work. Just after a few seconds, listeners should notice the album incorporates a dialogue between natural and artificial realms. Uge and Ana intend to encapsulate the paradox between the man and the Earth, mirroring how the instinctive or imposed necessity of evolution represents a contradiction in itself. Likely influenced by their own region’s environment – traditionally dedicated to the mining industry – the album incorporates immersive warm soundscapes and merges them with organic sounds that are perfectly transformed into disturbing synthetic effects. One of the best tracks in the album, which is entitled “Titan”, opens with a slow pace “industrial-ish” rhythm and a background choral that intermingles with a dystopian fat keyboard sound, gradually developing into an undeniably intense piece. “Calx”, for instance, allows getting lost in an overwhelming amalgamation of elements: countless backdrop effects and layers, supported by agile continuous rhythms, and complemented by glitchy percussive sounds, metallic high-decay crashes... “Graphein” is another magnificent track that grows from a beautifully simple piano melody to become an awesome compound of drone, choirs, wind-like sounds, and subtle ongoing beats. What is also common to all the tracks in the album is that they steadily develop, change or are even reconstructed in a way that takes listeners to a constant trip, perchance a time journey.

Finally, “d/evolution” is the first vinyl for this duo and the quality of their sound is as tangible as the material it is made of. This exceptional and concept long play certifies, that their offering is tremendously exciting and captivating. Moreover, these eight tracks are greatly heterogeneous and the LP as whole has a room for dystopia, melancholia, endless dreamlands and expressive landscapes.

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