Record a mix for Secret Thirteen


We continue to search for true audiophiles across the globe who will impress us with their excellent musical discoveries and narratives.

At our little competition every die-hard cassette, vinyl or CD geek has a chance to showcase his/her selection as one of the Secret Thirteen Mixes. We have 3 open slots and we are looking for the most kaleidoscopic mixes.

Please register via until the 23rd of November. All you need to do is to send a few words about yourself and weblinks to your activities or past mixes. After reviewing your submissions we will send you further details about the competition.

We are expecting mixes which would include the most obscure, rare and inspiring music. It can range from ethnic music to jazz, from punk to black metal, from trance to hardcore, from IDM to industrial, from ambient to noise or from experimental to symphonic. It is your choice, because the more unique you are, the happier Secret Thirteen staff will be.

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