Comeback Of New Blood

Underground Mix Competition Comeback Of New Blood

Secret Thirteen Design 2018

An annual underground music competition where every record collector has a chance to be featured in our timeless STM series.

After 4 successful contests that received the proper attention amongst our audience - and especially among the die-hard record collectors - we are in the search for talents who are able to impress with their musical discoveries and narratives.

Every cassette, vinyl, CD collector and music lover has the chance to present their musical jewels to the audience all across the globe. Our community opens 5 free slots for you to enter our weekly STM series. And it really does not matter if you have found your favourite sound at a record store, on the web, in a garbage or made it yourself, what really matters here is that you feel the groove and know how to tell a story through your mixture of sounds.

This Year's topic - DRUGS. Already have an idea? I am inviting you to choose a drug as a mood, which you will be building your musical journey on.

To register, contact me (Justinas) directly at (registration ends 2018.12.01)

All you need to do is send a few words about yourself, links to your activities and some words why you are interested in participating in New Blood 5. I will send you a PDF with further details on the contest.

5 winners will be published throughout February/March, 2019.

PS. We understand that many good selectors spend more time in record stores than on the internet, so this is why we need your help to spread the word!

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