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Peder Mannerfelt, formerly known as The Subliminal Kid and a member of Roll the Dice duo together with Malcolm Pardon, has managed to make himself a name among the best electronic music acts. Over the last few years, the Swedish producer has released a series of superb works, including some remixes – Massive Attack’s “Psyche” or Bat for Lashes’ “Sleep Alone” together with Van Rivers – as well as other remarkable collaborations with artists such as his fellow compatriot Fever Ray. Do not miss his mix on Secret Thirteen, which will be uploaded in the upcoming days: a heterogeneous and fascinating compilation.

In March of 2014, Mannerfelt went a step further in his solo career when he released “Lines Describing Circles” on Digitalis Recordings. Undoubtedly, listeners should not expect the traditional style of The Subliminal Kid. Peder has changed his a.k.a. for his real name and has also changed his sound, taking it closer to experimentation and further from the dance floor. In this album, the musician manages to wrap the 10 freeform and intense pieces around a deep, heavy, distorted atmosphere. As the label itself mentions, “Mannerfelt's intent is to crush the listener into a perfect, metal cube”. In fact, just a few seconds into “Collapsion”, its opening track, listeners should notice this sonic experience will be an intense journey. The second one, also entitled “Lines Describing Circles”, aims to change listeners’ perception by means of an abrasive mantra of slow pace percussive effects and thick beats. Moreover, the track includes a subtle and constant three note melody which increases the cyclic feeling. That elliptic composition acts as both the conceptual storyline and the structural base of the album, and awesome “Alpha Waves”, to name one, is clear proof of that. It is based on a constant arpeggio that gets smoothly mixed with the effects and distorted layers to transport listeners into some kind of chaotic order.

Throughout “Lines Describing Circles”, Mannerfelt intends to communicate some disturbing truth. In order to do so, and as the title itself underlines, he bases its compositions in the repetition of distorted effects, hypnotic melodies and heavy rhythms. All the 10 tracks develop dark profound soundscapes, thus creating a brutal and dystopian world. Anguishing but terribly enjoyable, this complex album represents a new sound dimension for this Swedish producer and great news for experimental music fans.

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