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Secret Thirteen Radio Show On Berlin based Cashmere Radio

Photo by Justinas Mikulskis

7th Secret Communications episode emanate joyful and psychedelic moods and embark on a sonic travel ranging from Scottish Gaelic Psalms to Lee Perry classics.

The 7th instalment is the brighter one with sounds ranging from ecstatic ambience to heavier EBM/techno fusions. We embark on s sonic travel across Scottish islands with blissful brilliance of Scottish Gaelic Psalms. Also, we wander across some imaginary spheres with Asher Levitas and Samuel Rickets ethereal, unearthly ambient or alien fusion of King Imagine. Some new wave delicacies come from Leave The Planet or Molchat Doma. Tadas brings in some noisier moments with Fuc Lerrari lo-fi bursts or angry ambient by Conflux Coldwell and Tomonari Nozaki as well some trippier moments by Lee 'Scratch' Perry and The Third Eye Foundation.

Reveal Playlist
01. King Imagine - Femininho (SKP Records, 2018)
02. Anthony Naples - Tango (Good Morning Tapes, 2018)
03. Wojciech Rusin - Transmutation (Akashic Records, 2019)
04. Fuc Lerrari - Manton Stick (Fougère Musique, 2018)
05. Stephen Mallinder - Pow Wow (Fetish Records, 1982)
06. Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Who You Gonna Run To (Real Authentic Sound, Abraham, 1988)
07. Dominatrix ‎– The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Streetwise, 1984)
08. Molchat Doma - Na Dne (Detriti Records, 2018)
09. Keller Crackers - Anem (Kashual Plastik, 2019)
10. Grebenstein & Seefried - Raging Tender (Downwards, 2019)
11. Leave The Planet - Sirius B (Wiener Records, 2016)
12. The Third Eye Foundation - Wake The Dead (Ici D'Ailleurs, 2018)
13. Professor Genius - Merciful And Blessed (L.I.E.S., 2012)
14. Gossiwor - Oceana Pt.1 (5 Gate Temple, 2018)
15. Asher Levitas and Samuel Ricketts - Each Flower (Too Fucked To Dance, 2019)
16. Unknown Artist - Psalm 16: 8-9; Kilmarnock: Calum Martin (Tong) (Arc Light Editions, 2018)
17. Conflux Coldwell & Tomonari Nozaki - Acathexis (Forwind, 2019)

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