Secret Thirteen Mix 007 - Cezary Gapik

Cezary Gapik - Secret Thirteen Mix

Photo by Anna Soporowska

“Secret Thirteen Mix 007” is a precise musical compilation which includes lasting works from the early 70's academic sound explorers and present innovators.

The author of the mix is a Polish performer of drone, abstract and experimental music Cezary Gapik (also known as CEZAR). Affected of music creation in 1980 while being an animator of local punk rock bands, he studied the evolution of computer made music and right now he has released more than 30 individual works. Thus he assuredly stands among the best Eastern European academic musicians. Cezary also participates in such bands as QG/GQ and Sub Spa where he expands his productivity and creativeness.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 007” is a thrilling musical selection which consists of 13 surprising creations and mirrors the main principles of Cezary creation. The basis of the mix stands on the constantly floating static atmospheres whose intensity of curves is balanced between minimalism, drone and noise styles. The whole background is full of astonishing experimental textures, distorted effects and variable rustles which are blended into the upper layers. From time to time suddenly appearing viscous strokes regenerate into the full rhythmical structures thus vitalizing the wholeness. This is a mature selection because of the rich palette of chosen music without worrying about style mixing errors and nowadays trends.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 007” is like a Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven's drawing “Dada Portrait of Berenice Abbott” which evokes chimeras from the subconsciousness and a perishing feeling that something turbulent will happen.


01. Eliane Radigue – Transamorem – Transmortem (excerpt) [2011, Important Records] [Composed in 1973 for ARP synthesizer]
02. Main – Firmament XIV [1996, Beggars Banquet]
03. Sub Spa – 009 [2011, 333 Records]
04. Mick Harris – Do One [2000, Hed... Nod]
05. James Plotkin – Whirl [1996, Discreet/Indiscreet] [Created 1993-1996]
06. The Curse Of The Golden Vampire – Anti-Matter [1998, Eat Your Heart Out]
07. Porter Ricks – Polytoxic 1 [1999, Force Inc. Music Works]
08. Cezary Gapik – The Gradual Loss Of Elasticity [#0529] [2012, Karlrecords]
09. This Heat – Horizontal Hold (from Peel Session) [1996, These Records] [originally created in 1977] 10. Jazzkammer – Sound Of Music (excerpt) [2002, [OHM] Records]
11. Zbigniew Karkowski – Untitled (excerpt) (from album ‘Elasticity Of Time’) [2007, Raw Special Effects]
12. Jim Haynes – : (excerpt) [2009, Intransitive Recordings]
13. Eliane Radigue – Onward 19 (excerpt) [2009, Important Records] [Composed in 1970]

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