STM 011 - Lawrence English

Lawrence English of Room40 Record Label
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An eclectic mix by Lawrence English consisting of 17 diverse records, which mirrors his long-sighted view in music as a phenomenon.

An eclectic mix by Lawrence English consisting of 17 diverse records, which mirrors his long-sighted view in music as a phenomenon.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 011” is a subtle shifting musical compilation that consists of seventeen diverse records released between 1978 and 2012. This selection expands the perception of compiling and developing in music.

The author of the mix is Lawrence English (born 1976), an Australian contemporary music composer, media artist and curator based in Brisbane. He is purposefully pushing the boundaries of Australian sound art and experimental music - both as a creator and curator. English has founded the respectable Room40 record label which releases works of such artists as Grouper, Tim Hecker, Rafael Anton Irisarri. Lawrence's musical works are widely published on various respected labels including Touch Music, Crónica, 12k, Experimedia and many others. He shares a stage with other big figures like Tujiko Noriko, Ben Frost, Tenniscoats and Francisco López. Amongst the others Lawrence is carrying an essential baggage of musical knowledge and diplomacy that makes him an authoritative figure. He curates acclaimed sound art and electronic music series including MONO, Fabrique, Syncretism and NineHoursNorth which are active across Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. His conceptually driven sound art exhibitions are commissioned by the Next Wave Festival, University of Tasmania, Airport Symphony (Queensland Music Festival) and others.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 011” is a kaleidoscopic musical selection which consists of 17 peculiar creations obviously mirroring Lawrence's long-sighted view in music as a phenomenon. There is no specific substructure of the mix and that fact creates progressively growing attention on every track. The whole background is very flexible and full of sparkling rhythmical episodes, traditional archaic musical motives, emotional voices and melodies. It seems that the expansive concept of selection stands on the advanced intuition of Lawrence which enriches selected music with vitality and passion.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 011” is like enigmatic Man Ray's painting “The Rope Dancer Accompanies Herself with Her Shadows” where comparing the accidental pattern with acrobat casted shadows creates composition which represents movement, gravity and balance.

01. Eugene Carchesio - Circle Music #4
02. Lawrence English - Slowly Turns Pink
03. Heinz Riegler - The Fox (Vollmond I)
04. Mark McGuire - Over The Water [Wagon, 2010]
05. Clams Casino - Motivation [Type, 2011]
06. Christian Marclay - Second Coming [Atavistic, 1997]
07. Gastr Del Sol - Blues Subtitled No Sense Of Wonder [Drag City, 1997]
08. Douglas Quin - Weddell Seals (Mothers And Pups) [Miramar, 1998]
09. Orcas - Arrow Drawn [Morr Music, 2012]
10. Colin Stetson - Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes [Constellation, 2011]
11. Gagaku - Etenraku
12. Aki Onda - I'll Be Your Mirror [Improvised Music From Japan, 2003]
13. Akio Suzuki - Aeolian Harp [Hören, 2002]
14. Mika Vainio - Open Up And Bleed [Editions Mego, 2011]
15. Paal Nilssen-Love - Miro Part 3
16. Oren Ambarchi - Fractured Mirror [Touch, 2012]
17. Ace Frehley - Fractured Mirror [Casablanca Records, 1978]

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