Secret Thirteen Mix 014 - Dale Lloyd


Dale Lloyd - Secret Thirteen Mix

“Secret Thirteen Mix 014” is an erudite musical compilation that consists of sixteen timeless records released between 1967 and 2012. This period of time creates a refined cinematographic sense for this playlist.

The author of the mix is Dale Lloyd, an American contemporary musician, producer, curator and visual artist, active since early 80's. Dale has participated in critically acclaimed music groups, production projects and recording labels such as Lucid, Cindytalk / Bambule, Pram, Moonshake, My Diva and After The Flood. Lloy has founded the noticeable and/OAR record label which releases works of such artists as Francisco López, Celer, Ernst Karel, and also distributes production of other labels. Dale's music is widely published on various delicate labels including Elevator Bath, Mystery Sea, CONV and many others. From 2001 to 2005 Dale has produced well regarded series of field recording compilations for The man who has a mature musical cognition.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 014” is a picturesque musical selection which consists of 16 vivid creations where archaic and contemporary sounds merge into one masterwork. The basis of this compilation stands on the art music perspective and presents some solid compositions with a professional intuitive view. Developing of the compilation is authentic and careful therefore it designs a continuous musical voyage and extraordinarily inspires the intellectual listener. It is the mix, abundant of various instruments and spiritual mood, which takes out of reality. Long lasting static atmospheres occasionally are interrupted by scenic mysterious vocals, roomy field recordings and expressive musical effects. Selected records are from different periods of time, different countries and composers. It gives a significant knowledge of that time tendencies and influence of old music.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 014” is like aesthetic and allegorical Ronald Bladen's sculptures where open-minded human can find a meaning of existence hidden in the suggestively shifting minimalistic but powerful forms.


01. Ilhan Mimarloglu - Six Preludes For Magnetic Tape - Prelude XII - "from Electronic Music III - Thema / Anumus I / Piano Music For Performer And Composer / Six Preludes ForMagnetic Tape" [1967, Turnabout]
02. Francisco Semprun Et Michel Christodoulides - Rythmes Et Images Sonores (1ère Partie) A2 - from "Choréo-Rythmes" [1985, UniDisc]
03. Ensemble De Organographia - Epitrepointes - from "Music Of The Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians & Greeks" [2006, Pandourion]
04. Vjaceslav Ovchinnikov - Andrei Rublev 4 - from "Andrei Rublev" [1995, Toei]
05. This Heat - Metal [excerpt]- from "Repeat" [1993, These Records]
06. Vangelis Papathanassiou - 2ème Partie - from "Sex Power" [1970, Philips]
07. Ensemble De Organographia - Hurrian Hymns 7 - from "Music Of The Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians & Greeks" [2006, Pandourion]
08. Nino Rota - La Schiavetta Innamorata (The Little Slave Girl In Love) - from "Fellini Satyricon - Original Motion Picture Score" [1970, United Artists Records]
09. Urna - L'Avvento - from "Liber Lelle" [2008, Abgurd]
10. John Hudak - In The Dream [excerpt]- from "Various – Another Kind Of Language: Dedicated To Andrei Tarkovsky " [1993, and/OAR]
11. Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov - Andrei Rublev 12 - from "Andrei Rublev" [1995, Toei]
12. Pietro Grossi - Sound Life 24 - from "Combinatoria" [2012, Die Schachtel]
13. Pelle Jakobsson - Vallåt Från Mockfjärd Efter Anders Frisell / Kohorn (Cow Horn) - from "Various – Musica Sveciae - Folk Music In Sweden: Lockrop & Vallåtar - Ancient Swedish Pastoral Music" [1995, Caprice]
14. Kano - Voice Of The Runes [excerpt]- from "Runes" [1986, Spirit Music]
15. Popol Vuh - Strofa 1 - from "Messa Di Orfeo" [1999, Spalax]
16. Deuter - Haleakala Mystery - from "Haleakala" [1978, Kuckuck]

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