Secret Thirteen Mix 015 - Grant Evans


Grant Evans - Secret Thirteen Mix

“Secret Thirteen Mix 015” is a sweeping musical compilation that consists of ten drone and ambient music records mainly made by the new well-skilled artists.

The author of the mix is Grant Evans, better known as Nova Scotian Arms, an American electronic music producer, musician and curator born 1985 in Johnson City, Tennessee. After releasing more than ten full-length official albums on record labels such as Digitalis, Dial Square Tapes, Preservation, Sonic Meditations, Grant proved his well balanced productivity. He is a co-curator of “Hooker Vision”, a cassettes releasing label which he runs with his wife Rachel Evans (known as Motion Sickness Of Time Travel). Grant also participates in the “Quiet Evenings” band amongst the other projects.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 015” is an impressive musical selection which consists of 10 intentionally selected records. The basis stands on the extensive ambience which gently encloses all reverbing melodic textures. Dramatic landscape is created by sharply shaped noisy atmospheres which occasionally reincarnate to profound relaxing tones. Developing of the mix is observant and tranquil. The lower layer is enriched with various rustles and crackles that help to preserve hypnotizing attention till the last consonance.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 015” is like scrupulous abstract painter's Agnes Martin's works where emphasis is focused on the line, dense grids and fields of extremely subtle colors.


01. Xiphiidae - Untitled [Stunned]
02. Grasshopper - Calling All Creeps [Prison Tatt]
03. Crippling - Untitled [Hooker Vision, forthcoming]
04. Reedbeds - Untitled [self-released]
05. Villages - Scaffolds [Harvest Recordings]
06. Thoughts on Air - White Swale [Hobo Cult]
07. Do Tell - Untitled [Housecraft]
08. Calypso Borealis - Niakaramandougou [Kimberly Dawn]
09. Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway - Blizzard 2 [Hanson]
10. Grant Evans - Host of Illusions [A Guide to Saints, forthcoming]

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