Secret Thirteen Mix 023 - Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words


Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Secret Thirteen Mix

“Secret Thirteen Mix 023” is a forceful musical compilation which is assembled from the seventeen penetrating records released between 1981-2012 by the dark wave, industrial, experimental leaders like Haus Arafna, Deutsch Nepal, Klinik.

The author of the mix is Thomas Martin Ekelund (born 1977), Swedish alternative musician, visual artist and graphic designer who works and lives in Gothenburg. In the last decade Thomas has been releasing music mainly under the name of Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, but since the projects ended in the late 2011, he focused on synth pop duo Soma Sema and ritual industrial solo project Trepaneringsritualen as well as a long line of collaborative projects (IRNI, Swollen SS, Ogham, King Of Kings). Thomas is carrying a considerable baggage of records (cassettes, vinyls, cdr's) released on such respectful labels as iDEAL Recordings, Kning Disk, Mystery Sea, Fang Bomb amongst others, also noticeable series on his own imprint When Skies Are Grey. Since January, 2012 he also operates the label Beläten.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 023” is a shadowy selected powerful musical compilation that is built on intensive rhythmical background, melodic agony and esoteric vocals. One can even find four fresh tracks from Thomas’ record label Beläten, as well as his own creation “I Am Hermetic”. Such authenticity of Scandinavian dark electronic sound strengthens the selection and creates symbiosis between industrial origins and new music gems. The mixing is strict, but with the emotional and ideological exposure. It is a mixture of archaic synthesizers’ sounds, shamanistic lyrics and hypnotizing rhythm patterns which truly evoke anarchistic feelings.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 023” is like a metaphoric Chaim Soutine expressionistic painting “Dead Fowl” where density of cold but expressive colors and abstract intuitive shapes forms an obscure episode of disastrous life.


01. Haus Arafna — In Heaven (Gallakthorrö, 1998)
02. Ike Yard - Infra-Ton (Factory, 1982)
03. Deutsch Nepal — We Are All Prostitues (Old Europa Café, 2002)
04. Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv — Post-Mortem (Thermidor, 1982)
05. Club Amour — Disconnected (Beläten, 2012)
06. Michael Idehall - Snake Messiah (Beläten, 2012)
07. Maria Zerfall - Kopfkrieg (Membrum Debile Propaganda, 2000)
08. Tropic Of Cancer — L.O.V.E. Feeling (Downwards, 2011)
09. Anita Lane — The Fullness Of His Coming (Mute, 1993)
10. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words — I Am Hermetic (iDEAL/When Skies Are Grey, 2011)
11. Esplendor Geométrico — Edad Del Hierro (Geometrik, 2005)
12. German Sheperds — I Adore You (S&M, 1981)
13. Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons — Filmen (Stranded, 1982)
14. Klinik — Sabotage (3Rio, 1985)
15. Blitzkrieg Baby — Children In Uniform (Neuropa, 2012)
16. Nimam Spregleda — Fire (Beläten, 2012)
17. Soma Sema — Dream Baby Dream (Beläten, 2012)

Links: Website - Beläten Website - Trepaneringsritualen Website

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