Secret Thirteen Mix 062 - Svarte Greiner

Svarte Greiner - Secret Thirteen Mix

Photo by Chris Erlbeck

“Secret Thirteen Mix 062” is an intently selected, enigmatic musical selection that weaves 15 subtly penetrating works from the last two decades. Beside production of such influential musicians as Aphex Twin, Thomas Ankersmit, Stian Westerhus, Eric Thielemans and others, the mix hides inside some exclusive material from its author and upcoming releases on his own record label. The fluid development of sound trajectory and scenic mood should reach even the most sophisticated listener.

The author of the mix is Erik Knive Skodvin (b. 1979), publicly known as Svarte Greiner, a Norwegian electronic music (dark ambient / experimental / modern classical) artist, now residing in Berlin, Germany. Active since the late 1990's, Skodvin has already released numerous of distinctive records on critically acclaimed labels such as Type, Sonic Pieces, Experimedia and of course his own influential imprint Miasmah. Skodvin is a one half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center and also participating in such promising music projects as B/B/S/ and Norwegian Noise Orchestra. Skodvin creates nonrhythmic orient music that is mostly arranged from the field recordings, various instruments, dimensional device effects and thrilling horror-influenced experiments. It is important to mention that Skodvin is a freelance graphic designer and that is why the art related to his activities looks so smooth and continuous. Skodvin is probably one the most active persons in the field of intellectual music worldwide at the moment.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 062” is an expressive mix of Skodvin's musical inspirations that follow the ideology of his previous mixes on Resident Advisor and Inverted Audio. By combining different time and genre compositions Skodvin subtly reveals how his musical taste has mutated in years and what works passed the challenge of time in his audio library. After a few attentive and objective listens to this mix it is clear to state that this is an uninterrupted one man's masterwork. It is a very hard task to trace the collisions of tracks as Skodvin perfectly studied the tracklist and surely knew where, how and what works should be mixed. The basis of the wholeness holds on the intelligently reshaped and digitalized live instrumentation, accurately modulated sublime ambiance and occasionally emerging improvisational percussions. High-quality sounds delicately varying among cathedral, live and club type recordings enrich the whole melancholic and sentimental atmosphere with hypnotism. Light cacophony and absolute obscurity unfolding in various parts strengthens the whole emotional listening satisfaction and imagination. These subtle confusion and depression convulsions are important to each one's powerful creativity.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 062” is like resistant Lee Bontecou abstract bronze sculpture “Bird” where bird like supernatural figure creates a reflection of dignity, solidity, intelligence and eternity. The narrative of this object could be split into two different interpretations: it symbolizes the observer of all mankind existence mysteries or it could be interpreted as a link to the mental travel into another fabulous parallel universes. This recording definitely represent Skodvin's conceptual concentration, spiritual balance and musical sophistication constantly growing with every of his esoteric release.


01. Eric Thielemans – Music For A While [Sub Rosa, 2012]
02. Un Caddie Renversé Dans L'herbe – [Dekorder, 2003]
03. Stian Westerhus – Kept On Shoulders [Rune Grammofon, 2012]
04. Svarte Greiner – Lightning Cut [Immune Recordings, 2013] (coming record store day 2013) *
05. Aphex Twin – Untitled, Saw2 [Warp Records, 1994]
06. Nils Petter Molvær – Kakanita (Remix - Deathprod) [Rune Grammofon, 2006]
07. Two Lone Swordsmen – As Wordly Pleasures Wave Goodbye... [Warp Records, 1998]
08. Kaboom Karavan – Kartoon Kannibal [Forthcoming on Miasmah, June 2013]
09. Nick Mott – Deep Dust (Excerpt) [Altvinyl, 2012]
10. B/B/S/ – 29th August 2012 [Unreleased] **
11. Joe McPhee – A Night On Rose Mountain (Intro) [Roaratorio, 2007]
12. Erik K Skodvin – Erik K Skodvin - Blind [Sonic Pieces, 2012] ***
13. Thomas Ankersmit – Hangar Performance, Tallin May 29th 2010 [Touch, 2010]
14. Portraits – Gong [Important Records, 2012]
15. SGAR (Svarte Greiner & Alexander Rishaug) – Live At Rhiz, Vienna November 2011 [Unreleased]

* From the upcoming Svarte Greiner / Lakes of Grass and Gold (aka Erik Enocksson) 7" split
** Improv recorded at NK, Berlin together with Aidan Baker and Andrea Belfi.
*** From the 7" split with Otto A Totland "Harmony from the past"

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