Secret Thirteen Mix 077 - Simon Scott

Simon Scott - Slowdive - Secret Thirteen Mix

Photo by Marcus Fischer

The author of the mix is Simon Scott (b. 1971), a British electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist, who lives and works in Cambridge, England. Since the late 1990’s Scott’s work has been featured on various international films, sonic art exhibitions, dance productions and digital multi-media projects. He has been touring worldwide since 1988 (he was the drummer of Slowdive between 1990 and 1994, who worked with Brian Eno on the Souvlaki album). Scott's music is a fusion of digital signal manipulation, micro-melodies and minimalism combined with environmental sounds and organic acoustic textures. He is inspired by his interests in sound ecology, music technology, digital media, illustration, photography, composition and sound art. Scott's music has been previously released on Miasmah, 12k, Sonic Pieces, Immune, Ghostly International and other respected international record labels, including his own imprint Keshhhhhh Recordings. Scott is also a freelance music technology lecturer, illustrator and also works as a composer for film and advertising.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 077” is a lyrical and organic audio selection that balances between highly improvisational and deliberate acoustic sound expression. It contains 16 harmonious records created between 1967 and 2013 by critically acclaimed artists such as Mile Davis, John Fahey, This Mortal Coil, Philip Glass, Swans, Bert Jansch, James Blackshaw and others. The ideological and emotional development of this mix is graceful and patient thus creating a constantly progressing uninterrupted wholeness. The employment of live instruments in this mix is more than perceptible, it shrouds accurately measured musical line with all its vitality, sensitiveness, intention and sometimes unobtrusive dissonance. Improvisational and skilled arrangement of touching melodies, softly flowing sound collisions and gradually expanding sustained cinematic ambiance help to completely drown into the listening satisfaction. In a perspective of music styles this mix varies among modern classical, contemporary jazz, contemporary, acoustic and even folk rock. In two words it is 'Relaxation Eden' that perfectly shows Simon Scott's musical sophistication, early influences and amplitude of his music library.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 077” is like a picturesque and relaxing Frantisek Kupka's Orphism movement's painting “Planes by Colors (Great Nude)” where focus on pure abstraction and bright colors creates a feeling of lightness, consistency, intelligence and intimacy. As well as Kupka's kaleidoscopic and skillful work, Simon Scott’s conceptual selection expresses a sensitive map of matured compositions with a refined change of texture and tone that flows from a harmonic musical expansion.


01. Don Bikoff - Celestial Explosion (Tompkins Square, 1968) (reissued 2013)
02. Edward Vesala - Nan Madol (ECM, 1976)
03. Bobo Stenson - Test (ECM, 1971)
04. John Fahey - Charlie Bradley's (Revenant, 2003)
05. Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (Columbia, 1969)
06. Bert Jansch - My Lover (Transatlantic, 1967)
07. Robbie Basho - Kowaka d'Amour (Tompkins Square, 1970) (Venus in cancer reissued 2006)
08. Jan Garbarek Quartet - Skarabee (ECM, 1970)
09. James Blackshaw - Skylark Herald's Dawn (Digitalis, 2005)
10. Julianna Barwick - Call (Suicide Squeeze, 2013)
11. This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren (4AD, 1983)
12. Swans - Saved (MCA, 1989)
13. Philip Glass - Floe (Sony, 1982)
14. David Darling - In November (ECM, 1992)
15. Ken Ikeda - Mist on The Window (Spekk, 2007)
16. Michael Chapman - The Last Polish Breakfast (Tompkins Square, 2011)

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