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Losing Sight by SNTS is a deliberately produced LP album that contains raw yet complete sound dynamics, nicely done modulations and an overall ritualistic aura.

Secrecy and mystery have always surrounded SNTS’ work. His anonymity, however, contrasts with his totally recognizable style. Close to other big names such as Ancient Methods or Kerridge, this producer has traditionally sculpted beautifully deep compositions which explore both earthly and spiritual realms. His first LP, The Rustling of the Leaves, was released in 2015 via Tommy Four Seven’s 47 label and it already showed what the musician had on offer - a meticulous palette of melancholic sounds, dystopian environments and shapeless structures. This month, SNTS will be releasing his latest album to date. “Losing Sight” will be put out by Sacred Court on an 8 track limited edition double 12”. This one goes far beyond its predecessor and is bound to become one of the most inspiring albums of 2016.

Industrialism has always maintained a close relationship with ritualistic music, setting up a deep contrast that plays at the same time both with the new and the old, futurism and traditionalism, the inorganic and the organic. SNTS recorded this LP in a cave studio at an undisclosed location and this decision was completely deliberate. Working there allowed him to merge technology with nature, building up an intentionally ambivalent and expressive sound. The opening track, Our Only Hope, is a brief but intense dark ambient piece that develops elegantly, creating a dramatic, almost epic environment. The Grinding Inside gives continuity to the industrial atmosphere, this time incorporating realistic drums and deformations. Such elements, together with hi-hats and distortion, are also present on Improving Senses, maybe the most intense track of the LP. Also, low tempos are commonplace in many of the songs. In fact, the slowness, uncanny vocals and dark effects, such as those found in Telepathic Thought or Daydream, invite listeners to get lost in some sort of obscure psychedelic mantra. On its part, Blindfolded is the only clear 4/4 of the album. This insistent rhythm acts as the pillar of a track that gets fatter and deeper second after second by incorporating metallic acoustics and a breathtaking melodic background.

With this release SNTS opens a new door to the experimental and the distorted, covering genres like noise, industrial, techno, post punk and EBM. Losing Sight manages to incorporate enigmatic sounds and the ideal acoustics for the final output. The album sees the artist diving into slower tempos and putting together analog drum machines, modular synths, guitars, grainy distortion, effects-pedals and vocal recordings. His energy and rawness reach new heights here in what represents a clear intent to let his darkest inner feelings free.


A1 Our Only Hope
A2 The Grinding Inside
B1 Limited Perception
B2 Telepathic Thought
C1 Blindfolded
C2 Improving Senses
D1 Daydream
D2 Beyond Reach

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