ST Mix 273 - Lyra Valenza

Lyra Valenza - Danish musical duo

Photo from Lyra Valenza archive

Lyra Valenza of the Petrola 80 and Black Opal labels constructs a sharp and groovy mix of forthcoming and unreleased Danish material.

Lyra Valenza (formerly known as Lyra) is the duo of Jens Konrad and Hjalte (who also runs the Petrola 80 label). The duo crafts sound that stands between the dynamic energy of the ‘90s rave continuum and sophisticated dance music deconstruction. Their pointillist grooves merge with sharply mellow synth pads and intense rhythmic attacks that are sometimes reminiscent of heavier IDM moments. The compositions burst with architectural vastness and precision, yet retain a wild and groovy sensibility. It could serve perfectly as a prime-time banger on some artsy futuristic dancefloor floating among symmetrical glassy skyscrapers. This aesthetic bloomed in full on their most recent EP Scan, Deliver released on Black Opal, the Opal Tapes vinyl offshoot. It is also seen on their digitally surreal videos. Apart from being involved in Lyra Valenza Jens also operates as Severin. A review of his excellent debut EP can be found here.

Secret Thirteen Mix 273 mostly consists of music made by Danish artists circulating around the before-mentioned Petrola 80 and related labels. The mix contains lots of forthcoming and unreleased stuff from up and coming artist of the thriving Danish scene. This dense and structured mix won’t let you rest for a moment and immerse you in rhythmic, synthetic madness with occasional elegant atmospheric undercurrents bristling like a cool wind in some Nordic urban landscape. The breezy ambience of Merd Laleh and sci-fi drones of Xenia Xamanek are followed by the spacious and vivid experimental garage of Yelzin or the aquatic bubble-gum jungle of DJ Sports. Thus the narrative is consistent and adventurous, including sharp, unpredictable twists. The dynamics of the mix reflect the vision of Lyra Valenza, Petrola 80 and their future aesthetic endeavours. They seem to be gleaming with steel-glass reflections, structured density and vast atmospheric appeal.

Reveal Playlist
01. Merd Laleh - Water For Your Eyes [Forthcoming Petrola 80]
02. Xenia Xamanek - Untitled [Forthcoming Anyines]
03. Piag3t - Track Til Torsdag [Forthcoming Petrola 80]
04. Glass Knot - Present Tense 6 [Foul-Up 2018]
05. Yelzin - Untitled [Forhcoming Petrola 80]
06. Ingrate - Hoax II [Forthcoming Anyines]
07. J Sliwa - 3 [unreleased] 08. Age Coin - She Who Sold Me Told Me [Posh Isolation 2018]
09. Tristan - Lyset [Unreleased]
10. Lyra Valenza - Down. not out [Forthcoming Petrola 80/ Opal Tapes]
11. Minais B - ASC [Unreleased]
12. DJ Sports - For Real For You [Firecracker Recordings 2017]
13. Lyra Valenza - Need My Space [Forthcoming Petrola 80/ Opal Tapes]

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