STM 271 - Sorrowing Christ

Sorrowing Christ

Photo by Henrik Söderström

Kali Malone and A.M. Rehm of Sorrowing Christ record a raw, personal mix of unreleased and barely-released lofi ambient, noise, black metal, and more.

Sorrowing Christ is the duo of Stockholm-based American musician Kali Malone and Colorado artist A.M. Rehm. The two are known mostly for their solo projects, other collaborations, and for running a couple of stellar tape labels. Kali’s plentiful musical output and other creative activities over the past few years include frequent collaborations with Caterina Barbieri and co-curation of XKatedral. Meanwhile, Aaron operates Bleak Environment and creates music as part of City Hunter and Leopard In A Tree. Sorrowing Christ is somewhat of an obscure gem in the sense that their performances are rare and exceptional, while outside of these, their music can only be experienced through a lonely record released by Ascetic House – an Arizona label and artist collective the project is a part of. The eponymous tape has three heavily distorted, disorienting, and psychedelic tracks, owing as much to old-school bedroom noise as they do to new-age guitar music. Sorrowing Christ reminds us of a precious time when experimental music was some mysterious journey beyond known horizons - that’s why we’re so excited to share with you this truly exceptional mix!

Secret Thirteen Mix 271 is rough around the edges in the best possible way. Centered around picks from the finest experimental and string based drone, entwined with some still fresh, raw noise and black metal, it is an homage to two worlds where Kali and A.M. Rehm reside – Sweden and Colorado - through the series of lived anecdotes which follow its' creation. Most of the featured artists are their friends and collaborators. They are presented through unreleased projects or unusual symbolic ties. On STM 271, City Hunter's livid outbursts dissolve into the quivering rituals of Maria W Horn, while the raw melancholy of Tollund Men seamlessly goes hand in hand with Caterina Barbieri's macabre undulations. The mix maintains a lingering and poetic tension, which evolves through vast, at times sorrowful reflections of cacophonous darkness, displaced only by implosions of sheer aggression. It goes to show how delicious lo fi music can work enchantingly well together with chamber music or modular synthesis. As for the exclusive treats you can find in here, Tollund Men's new project Nichtigkeit is only one of them!

Reveal Playlist
01. Sorrowing Christ - Judgement & Death [Ascetic House, 2016]
02. City Hunter - Living Nightmare [Youth Attack, 2018]
03. Maria W Horn - Fidus Minus [XKatedral & Portals Editions, 2018]
04. Nichtigkeit - Night-Blooming [AUTO-da-FE, 2018]
05. Mats Erlandsson - A Holographic Sky [XKatedral, TBA]
06. Puce Mary - A Feast Before The Drought [PAN, 2018]
07. Drew McDowall - Rhizome [Dais Records, 2018]
08. Tollund Men - Live 2016 [Self-released, 2016]
09. Caterina Barbieri - How To Decode An Illusion [Important Records, 2018]
10. Enhet För Fri Musik - När Ska Min Själ Finna Ro [Omlott, 2017]
11. Händer Som Vårdar - There’s Nobody [Bleak Environment, TBA]
12. Kali Malone - Music for Low Quartet (Live at Tropiska Föreningen) [Unreleased, 2018]
13. Spectral Voice - Terminal Exhalation of Being (Live in Denver) [Lavender Sect, 2018]
14. Flowering Blade - Cooling Ditch [Bleak Environment, TBA]
15. Stillborn Fawn - Cholera Spell [Bleak Environment, 2015]
16. Xothist - Ex Caelo [Unreleased]
17. Already Dead - When [Self-released, 2013]

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