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For the next New Blood entry, Giulio Spampinato aka Coeden drops the soundtrack for fictional Melange drug from Frank Herbert’s “Dune” novel.

Coeden is the moniker of Venetian artist Giulio Spampinato, who is also the resident of local CRIPSY parties. Coeden is a pretty current name in dark experimental music circles, yet his 2018 cassette “They Are Eating All the Faeries” released on Prehistoric Silence label demonstrates his potential and producing sensibilities. The record channels the spectres of jungle, illbient and stone-cold industrial beats and fuses them with distorted noise and shards of rough textures. His collab with Holy Similaun released just in digital format is a more straightforward affair with physical rhythmics suitable for heavy dancefloor experiences.

Coeden’s new blood entry works as an uneasy rollercoaster ride constantly shaking you up and down between more massive ambient pulsations to industrial/noise compositions. These contrasts manifest themselves constantly throughout the mix creating a constant tension in the narrative. Guilio picks mostly the records of recent years, thus at the same time exploring the variety of contemporary experimental sounds. It is the journey with lots of adventurous and sharp turns and detours.

Coeden on the mix:

“I chose the fictional drug Melange (or ëspiceí), from the novel Dune, as the inspirational topic for this mix. Its effects are clairvoyance, eternal life and absolute knowledge. So I tried to emulate the process of metabolization of this drug through a path of transformation in which the awareness of the totality collides with the human condition keeping the contradiction open.

I have mixed some new music I like mostly coming from friends and Italian labels and other tracks from the artists I enjoy to create harmonic and at the same time controversial atmosphere of sounds.”

Reveal Playlist
01. Corporate Park - Untitled [FLA Records & Tapes, 2009]
02. XIII -Inverso (EOextract00004V2) [Gang Of Ducks, 2018]
03. Celyn June - Drivers [W - I, 2015]
04. Heith - Laguna [Haunter Records. 2018]
05. Heroin In Tahiti - Illamomorip [Boring Machines, 2018]
06. Zaliva-D - Prophecy [SVBKVLT, 2018]
07. KӢR - Dimiskija [Yerevan Tapes, 2017]
08. Barn Owl - Uluru [Blackest Rainbow, 2008]
09. Áine O'Dwyer - Underlight [MIE Music, 2017]
10. Puce Mary - The Transformation [PAN, 2018]
11. Quicksails - Aware [Gang Of Ducks, 2018]
12. Drew McDowall - Unshielded [Dais Records, 2017]
13. Ausschuss - Yellow Sick Glow [Haunter Records, 2018]
14. Fis and Rob Thorne - Ko au te hau [Saplings, 2018]
15. Presente - Acqua Fresca [Yerevan Tapes, 2018]
16. Haf Haf - New Era [Gang Of Ducks, 2018]
17. SY/IN - Blinded II_ Social_Network_Security [ dead-center piano ] [NETHER, 2018]
18. Leila Bordreuil + Zach Rowden - No Name V [No Rent Records, 2017]
19. Bourbonese Qualk - Know Your Enemy [FünfUndVierzig, 1989]
20. Wolf Eyes - Stabbed In The Face [Sub Pop, 2004]
21. Rabit - Spiral [Halcyon veil, 2018]
22. Roly Porter - Tleilax [Subtext, 2011]
23. Bliss Signal - Floodlight [Profound Lore Records, 2018]
24. Aïsha Devi - Inner State of Alchemy [Houndstooth, 2018]
25. Oake - Live In Marseille [Ascetic House, 2015]
26. Holy Similaun - Mtazmex [Natural Sciences, 2018]
27. Von Tesla - Blank [Enklav., 2016]
28. Jay Glass Dubs - Temple Dub [Ecstatic, 2018]
29. Ssaliva - Unplugged 3 [Jj funhouse, 2018]

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