STM 309 - Warrego Valles

Warrego Valles - Nina Hudej and NinaBelle
Photo by Warrego: YM

Slovenian duo Warrego Valles turns club music on its head with a fun and challenging mix that uncovers eerie techno gems, pop songs about crushes, and the quirkiest takes on deconstruction.

Slovenian duo Warrego Valles turns club music on its head with a fun and challenging mix that uncovers eerie techno gems, pop songs about crushes, and the quirkiest takes on deconstruction.

Consisting of producers Nina Hudej and NinaBelle, Warrego Valles is an insanely talented duo who's actively creating inclusive spaces in the Slovenian club sphere while continuously delivering exceptional post-club tracks. Boundless sonic exploration meets feminist, queer activism in every aspect of their work - from poetic, glitchy productions to the involvement within the club scene of Ljubljana as promoters and curators. Their many projects include co-running Pritličje cultural center, curating a programme for club Monokel, as well as their own festival Grounded that merges progressive electronic music with critical thought and everyday activism. Atop that, they had a steady stream of releases on Slovenian experimental label Kamizdat. 2017 EP Location Off set the tone for what became a kind of mutable trademark on their debut LP Botox (which was on our Best of 2018 list btw) and 2019 sophomore Save as - elusive darkness lurks from the margins of brutalist beats, playful melodic snippets and piercing social commentary. It always sounds relevant and new. In the case of Warrego Valles, club music is only a starting point that needs to be messed with and ultimately transformed.

The diverse selection of tracks in this mix that features many regional and female artists reflects that same values. Warrego Valles once again crushes all expectations with a fresh, provocative mix that will expose you to plenty of thrilling sounds, whether it's shrieking deathcore, eerie techno infused with sticky lo-fi pop, or 90s Balkan commercial you didn't know you needed in your life. And that sums up only the first few minutes. Things get even better later on, as the Balkan Beatbox tune thumps against the rigid backdrop of Jaeho Hwang track while whiterose’s majestic poppy solemnity complements Jake Germains hyper-euphoric We Don't Stop cover. A dynamic exchange between cheeky, hard-hitting moments and darker, disintegrated structures persists through an hour and a half duration. Warrego Valles don’t take themselves too seriously even when they’re serving frantic collages of Croatian artist N/OBE, Ptwiggs’ angelic propulsions, or Lila Tirando a Violeta's sophisticated ritualistic left field, emanating conflicting emotional nuances. All of it is weaved together with unpretentious genius, and that’s what makes this mix outstanding, along with Warrego Valles' intriguing unreleased material and cop-hating hardcore.

Recorded in pajamas [Covid19 recordings, 2020], exposing serious uncovered club jewels without preservatives + having massive fun as we’re only pop stars, not doctors, right? Warrego Valles are defending no boundaries or directives within the club territory, serving dynamic hard hitting novelties, cop hating songs, deconstructed club trash, leftfield, pop, metal, legendary commercials and cartoons from our childhood, dicks on ketamine and also some unreleased art of manillness from us.

01. Within Destruction - Hate me [Ultra Heavy Records, 2020]
02. Black Dresses - CRUSH (Tessa Violet cover) [2018]
03. Core Self - Suspiria [Houndstooth, 2020]
04. Untitled - Bibita Commercial [1990]
05. Balkan Beat Box - Lijepa Mare [Crammed Discs, 2010]
06. Jaeho Hwang - Ageing process [CHINABOT, 2019]
07. Ptwiggs - Creation in Destruction [Eternal, 2020]
08. Comastasis - Stagnant [PAYNOMINDTOUS, 2020]
09. King Rambo Sound - Isolated Dancer [CHINABOT, 2020]
10. Recovery Girl - That Girl Is My World (you transphobic piece of shit) [Orange Milk Records, 2020]
11. Anz - Stepper [Hessle Audio, 2020]
12. Xiao Quan - New Ties [Functionlab, 2020]
13. Neve - Lies And Pain [999641 Records DK, 2018]
14. Galtier - Jewel [Nostro Hood System, 2019]
15. Aisha Devi - Two Serpents (33EMYBW Remix) [Houndstooth, 2019]
16. COBRAH - Debut (CyberKills Remix) [2020]
17. whiterose - ravX [2020]
18. Jake Germain - We Don’t Stop [2020]
19. Braian x Desdel Barro Ft Lila Tirando A Violeta - Bebbosseo [HiedraH Club de Baile, 2019]
20. Bonaventure - Amen feat. Lala &Ce (Instrumental) [2020]
21. Lila Tirando a Violeta - Nuevo Paris Piano [N.A.A.F.I., 2020]
22. Estoc - ACAB Tool 2020 (Killbourne Remix) [Knightwerk, 2020]
23. Neve - DIC-K [New World Dysorder, 2020]
24. galen tipton - courageous grieving [unseelie, 2020]
25. FAKETHIAS & Syk Tariq - Gummi [Massive Gain, 2019]
26. Warrego Valles - Untitled [2020]
27. QUALITIK - Sublimation Coda [2019]
28. Lila Tirando a Violeta & Abssys - Noche Tótem [N.A.A.F.I., 2019]
29. Bone Head - metal alternate vers. [2020]
30. Warrego Valles - Untitled [2020]
31. Kuthi Jinani - THE LOVE (AGE OF K) [CLAM, 2020]
32. DJ Khaled ft. Drake - POPSTAR [We The Best/Epic Records, 2020]
33. N/OBE - Gripmaster [2020]
34. Ice_Eyes - AFMR [TAR, 2020]
35. adammmmmmmmmmmm - NOTHING [Genot Centre, 2020]
36. DJ Ride - Lazers [Renraku, 2020]
37. Evil Medvěd - No parking for Martians (ANCESTRAL VISION remix) [Red for Colour Blind, 2019]
38. Ekcle - Pearl Jigsaw (Little Snake Remix) [2020]
39. SsmKOSK - Prijatelji so me dvignili k soncu, ko sem izdal poletje [Zvočni Prepihi, 2019]
40. Warrego Valles - Untitled [2020]
41. Emily Glass & Dasychira - We Will Find You [unseelie, 2019]
42. Untitled - Bojan Risanka [1985-1999]

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