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Arnau Sala Saez music mix review

Exoteric Continent is the project of Catalan artist Arnau Sala. Its heavyweight rhythmic constructions stand between techno structuralism, uneasy ambient atmospheres and harsh industrial sonics. Behind the concrete and abrasive layers of sound, dub techno pulsations creep and intensely dynamic noise attacks lead to transparent frames. Arnau combines the straightforward essence of dancefloor-oriented music with the punkish aesthetic of noise/industrial. These qualities of Exoteric Continent’s sound were widely showcased in a number of releases on such labels as Hospital Productions, Opal Tapes, Anòmia, Angoisse, Second Sleep or Silvox Recordings. In addition to this output, Arnau also explores other realms and has participated in a wide variety of projects such as the psychedelic/experimental outfit Les Aus, new beat/synth project Veiled or his trips into lush and mellow territory with synthwave duo Vactor.

Secret Thirteen mix 171 is a disorienting journey of Arnau’s strange explorations. Along the way he uses material from diverse sources: some are treasures from hidden vaults on the world wide web, some are from his close artist friends or his own music. The mix plays with a wide array of moods and serves as a kaleidoscopic voyage across contrasting sound structures - Haitian folk field recordings and obscure soundtracks from home videos to stripped town techno constructions and lush encompassing soundscapes. It truly is a surreal collage, a personal story of sound or a strange diary of atmospheres and moods that are very hard to pin down. In many ways it is an adventurous and unexpected affair, revealing a hitherto unseen face of this Catalan producer as the road twists and turns along the way to an unknown destination.

Pablo Palazuelo’s abstract painting “Virtus Marin VI” could serve as a visual interpretation of Arnaus’s meticulous mix. Similarly to Palazuelo’s work Arnau’s intention was, seemingly, to focus on the nature of “form” itself rather than on what it represents. Throughout the mix Arnau probes the mysteries of form through his wise audio cuts, as well as the solid selection of samples and atmospheres. This phenomenon of constant, but smooth transformation from its origin to its cyclic end, is a way to distort time and space around the listener.

Arnau on mix

“This mix was composed and assembled between the months of July and December of 2015 in different districts of Barcelona, but also in Berlin, Sweden and Belgium, by using and manipulating sound material on magnetic tape, computer and using effects. This material has either been submitted by close friends and artists, taken from Youtube, or scrapped from the bottom of my computer's hard-drive. Some sounds from family home videos were included. It also includes original music of my own, created during the months while the mix was being put together. The selection is presented with tracks laid out consecutively in no specific order, trying to create a narrative while purposely isolating elements and merging them all together, thus decontextualizing each track.

The list of friends and artists, in no order, includes Dale Cornish, Fire, Piece Of Paper, LXV, Lag Os, Helmer, Benjamin Mahoney, Kara-Lis Coverdale, 51717, N.M.O., die Reihe, Roberto Crippa, M Ax Noi Mach, Gretch Grace, Força Meridiana, Rudeboyz, Daddy Yankee, Gravediggaz, Sound Effects FX and Soundtrack DJ Tools, Unknown Artist, Wikipedia, Exoteric Continent and more...

I want to thank all the above mentioned artists who let me use and / or alter their original sounds.”

01 — Dale Cornish / Fire
02 — Intro (Youtube)
03 — Exoteric Continent / Piece Of Paper
04 — Dale Cornish / Fire
05 — Fire / Piece Of Paper
06 — die Reihe
07 — Exoteric Continent / Roberto Crippa
08 — Folk Music of Haiti (1951) / Gretch Grace
09 — Charly Black & J. Capri
10 — Dale Cornish / 51717
11 — Lag Os / Kara-Lis Coverdale
12 — Piece Of Paper / Exoteric Continent
13 — Força Meridiana
14 — N.M.O. / Kara-Lis Coverdale / Fire / Roberto Crippa / Helmer
15 — Helmer / N.M.O.
16 — Intro (Gravedigaz) / LXV
17 — Folk Music of Haiti (1951)
18 — Rudeboyz
19 — intro (Daddy Yankee)
20 — intro (home video 1992) / Roberto Crippa
21 — M Ax Noi Mach
22 — Intro (Youtube)
23 — LXV
24 — Exoteric Continent
25 — Piece Of Paper
26 — Benjamin Mahoney
27 — Outro (Youtube)

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