Summit of Braillė Satellitė Festival

Summit of Braille Satellite Elektronines muzikos Festivalis Lietuvoje

Artwork yra by Gintarė Sokelytė / Design by Marek Voida

A thundering Secret Thirteen showcase this July with bass guitar noisemaker James Welburn, local industrial prodigies TIESE and the mysterious Karkasas.


The history of this little DIY festival, the Summit of Braillė Satellitė, began in 2013, with the first installation of STRcamp. Over the years it has proven to be the best place for musical discoveries, its lineup always full of weird, leftfield artists ranging from harsh noise to outsider pop. Summit of Braillė Satellitė is organised as a relatively closed, community-focused event with no massive sponsorship deals or Red Bull stands - it lives and dies by the music and the interesting people listening to it. This year, the festival takes place July 21-23, on the remote, beautiful wooded grounds of Mushroom Manor, some 80 kilometers from the capital city of Vilnius. It is the perfect opportunity to leave the relative safety of your homes in the filthy, decadent West, to see what the scene looks like well behind the Iron Curtain, to inspect our serene skies over a nice cold and (reportedly amazing) pint of beer, and, above all, to grace us with your very welcome presence.

In support of the festival’s DIY ethos, Secret Thirteen presents the live performance of JAMES WELBURN (listen to his mix). When James entered the scene as a solo artist with his mind-bending Hold LP in 2015, many were surprised that someone with such gripping sonic ideas took so long to put them on paper and wax. The things he does with the bass guitar - the beautifully grand textures of drone and noise - should be punishable in most countries with blasphemy laws. Apart from being a weaver of the grandest narratives using no more than some strings and effects, James is also a stellar performer whose magnitude of vision truly comes alive on stage.

Another live act that we are proud to present is the duo of TIESE - for several good reasons. The first shall remain secret for the time being, but in reality no better reason is necessary than the music produced by these guys. Tiese is a project combining analogue noise, drone and industrial to create an intense, progressive, tribal sound, which seems more relevant now than ever. Their live sets are always a revelation, always leaving expectations behind in favour of an improvised and precise display of machinist power. We can’t wait to see what Tiese will prepare for the people of Braillė Satellitė.

Finally, we would like to present a newcomer to the scene - Karkasas. His first ever live performance took place last year at the AREA 2016 festival, and his first tape, Société De Ruche, was released by Ghia over the year since. Hiding his identity under the mask of a beekeeper, Karkasas weaves a cold and hypnotic net of sound, pierced by strident and unexpected modular synth simulations. The rhythms, old post-industrial in spirit, are inserted dynamically: clear, unchanging constructions, non-standard percussive groups of sound, all transmitted with a vividness of modern music. Karkasas uses Reaktor to create his own synths, which he adapts to his music.

The Secret Thirteen team of S13, Ilius and Švenčionis will support these live acts with our own selections and brew up a mean dancefloor to the dirty tune of post-punk, industrial, EBM, and whatever else our sick sick minds will reckon to stir up the basest primal instincts of the boys and girls in attendance.

Beside our darker offerings there will also be “a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers” in both electronic and instrumental forms. A few highlights in this stacked list of artists are the mercurial German experimentalist HARALD SACK ZIEGLER, known for his cheap electronica full of samples and weird rhythms; the legendary Chilean composer, singer and keyboard player ÁLVARO PEÑA-ROJAS; the German avant-garde synth-pop artist and drummer CHRIS IMLER; the Baltimorean music nerd NOVO LINE with his enormous setup; and many more.

Over the coming months we will share a bunch of Summit of Braillė Satellitė content with our readers, including some cool mixes and interviews. Hopefully we will see you there!

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Secret Thirteen Showcase

James Welburn LIVE
Tiese LIVE
Karkasas LIVE
S13 DJ
Ilius DJ
Švenčionis DJ


Harald Sack Ziegler (Cologne)
Chikiss (St. Petersburg)
Alvaro Peña-Rojas (Valparaíso)
Sculpture (London)
Acchiappashpirt (Berat/Rome)
Doc Wör Mirran (San Francisco/Nürnberg)
Geier aus Stahl (Vienna)
Spettra (Lugano/Zurich)
Zan Hoffman (Louisville)
As Longitude (Crotone/Madrid)
Kasia Justka (Warsaw)
Novo Line (Baltimore)
Chris Imler (Augsburg)
Squadra Omega (Veneto)
Known Ocean (Bridgend)
Cabbages (Zurich/Bradford Yorkshire)
7697 miles (Santiago/Hamburg)
Arzathon (Kettering)
Paul Arámbula (Phoenix)
Samoln (Bridgend)
Twoonky (Brescia)
OTTO (Bavaria)
Raw-C (Santiago)
Elder Sister (Los Angeles/Torino)
From Nursery to Misery (Basildon)


Giorgio Gabber (Lugano)
Octatanz (Vilnius/Madrid)
Luzi Gerisch (Frankfurt)
Tiney (Dresden)
Rugile (Kaunas)
Art.number 9 (Sonthofen)
Teenage jeans (London)

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