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Event Reviews Katharsis Fesrival 2018 Review

Reaktor’s Katharsis 2018 hosted a clash of different approaches to extreme music, from dark industrial and techno to bold sonic explorations.

Event Reviews Berlin Atonal Festival 2018 Germany Berlin Mitte

From the bright brilliance of Klara Lewis to the punkish synth expressiveness of group A, Berlin Atonal 2018 was a diverse, adventurous, yet coherent experience.

Event Reviews LEV Festival Review Gijon

LEV Festival provided some food for thought with vivid audiovisual performances ranging from the poetic rumination of Loscil to the meaty concept techno of Atom™.

Event Reviews Rewire 2018 review The Hague

Reminiscences from a diverse 2018 edition of Hague-based Rewire experimental music festival - from meditative chamber acts to vivid ambient or pulsating techno

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