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In its twelfth edition, the Asturian L.E.V. festival opts again for a forward-thinking, eclectic lineup that turns the event into a truly appealing prospect.


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From April 26 to 29, the Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual, Gijón's International Audiovisual Creation Festival, will feature some of the most innovative projects in today’s A/V scene. The organisers have wisely scheduled a polychromatic offering in terms of diversity with the aim of consolidating the efforts made during the past eleven editions and last year’s huge success in particular.

After revealing such big names as AtomTM, Hiroaki Umeda, Murcof or Rabit, the Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual has publicized a second set of artists.

Sonic Robots will bring his one-of-a-kind DIY sound to the stage, offering his Tripods One project (in the collaboration of Red Bull Music Academy). Electric Indigo will share their 5 1 1 5 9 3, a mesmerizing live show designed specifically for L.E.V. 2018 based on his new work in Imbalance Computer Music.

The audience will discover Uge Pañeda’s new and exciting solo project under the Okkre alias. The prodigal daughter comes back home to share Arkhé, a 40-minute show divided into four acts and based on the representation of the four essential elements.

AtomTM will also do a second show, which will be more focused on the dancefloor, where he will present his unique perspective on techno.

To set the venue on fire, the organisers have opted for Schwefelgelb. L.E.V. and SHAPE have finally decided to collaborate and this piece of news has resulted in the announcement (for the first time in Spain) of one of the most intense and groundbreaking industrial/electro/techno acts in the European scene at the moment – Phase Fatale.

Another big surprise this year will be the inclusion of the Pueblo de Asturias Museum as a new venue. The Saturday matinee session will take place in this idyllic environment, and will have Murcof, MimiCof (alter ego of Japanese artist Midori Hirano) and the young Hungarian Norwell.

Another magical spot is the already traditional Botanic Garden. Among the trees, attendees will have the opportunity to taste the diverse and forward-looking performances of Lucrecia Dalt, who will present her new project Anticlines (to be released in May 2018 by RVNG Intl), and the Canadian Jessica Moss, member of Silver Mt. Sion.

Mancunian producer Claro Intelecto will come back to Gijón after 11 years to share his one-of-a-kind style as part of his latest work, Exhilarator.

SCHNITT, the project of Amelie Duchow and Marco Monfardini, will present MEMORY CODE, an attempt to mirror the relationship between perception, codification and recovery of neural processing. For his part, Lotic will showcase POWER, his new work on Tri Angle, which is set to be released in July.

Other interesting names added to the line-up are: NSDOS, a showing of Lost in Time —a film by Canadian director Patrick Bernatchez— with OST by Murcof based on Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Balago’s highly awaited new work, a Jägermusic showcase featuring Spaniards The Suicide of Western Culture and Cicada, and visual artists Gnomalab and Jimmy Lakatos.

On Sunday April 29, L.E.V. will hold its Closing Party in collaboration with Club Lanna, to finish this new edition of the Festival. The party will feature Convextion Live and Komatssu.

LEV intends to bring back some of the most appreciated acts that have stepped on stage in previous editions. Such is notably the case of Hiroaki Umeda. This time, he will showcase his stunning Intensional Particle performance - an information overload in real time, as much explosive as poetic, that will stay in the retinas of the audience for a long time.

Martin Messier & Yro also return with their first collaboration, ASHES. Both acts have previously astonished the LEV audience, and it will be undoubtedly interesting to see where this partnership, whose result will be premiered in Gijón, can take them.

Another familiar name for the audience will be Uwe Schmidt. With his alias Atom™ he captivated festivalgoers some editions ago with a superb live recreation of HD. This year he will premiere Deeper State, his new and highly awaited A/V project.

Among the new names is Italian artist Michela Pelusio, who will share her interpretation of quantum physics as part of her Spacetime Helix project; Murcof and Jimmy Lakatos will bring us Nebula, an installation representing the cosmic perspective of the Mexican artist’s sound world. True legends such as Zombie Zombie or Rabit and Cecile with the superb Les Fleurs Du Mal complete the current roster announcement along with Zan Lyons, Loscil and Lusine.


AAtom Tm “Deep State” live a/v (world premiere) + “Ground Loop” [raster-media, De]
Hiroaki Umeda “Intensional Particle” [Jp]
Loscil live a/v [Kranky, Ca]
Martin Messier & Yro “Ashes” (world premiere) [Ca/Fr]
Electric Indigo “5 1 1 5 9 3” live a/v in surround sound (world premiere) [Imbalance
Computer Music, At]
Zombie Zombie [Versatile, Fr]
Lusine [Ghostly International, US]
Claro Intelecto [Delsin Records, Uk]
Murcof “Lost In Time” [Infiné, Leaf, Mx]
Rabit live a/v (w CECILIA) “Les Fleurs Du Mal” [Halcyon Veil, US/Fr]
Lotic [Tri Angle, Us/De]
Lucrecia Dalt [RVNG Intl, Co/De]
Moritz Simon Geist
“Tripods One” [De] + RBMA Studio Science
Michela Pelusio “Spacetime Helix” [It]
MimiCof [Alien Transistor, Jp]
Zan Lyons live a/v (world premiere) [Uk]
Schnitt “Memory Code” Live a/v [Sync, It]
NSDOS [Upton Park, Fr]
Schwefelgelb live a/v [EBM Fleisch, De]
Balago (world premiere) [Foehn, Sp]
Okkre “Arkhé” (world premiere) [Sp]
Jessica Moss [Constellation Records, Ca]
Norwell [Pinkman, Hu]
Enrique Tomás “A Moment of Transition” [Sp]
Jimmy Lakatos [Ca]
Gnomalab [Es]

Jägermusic present:
The Suicide of Western Culture [El Segell, Sp]
Cicada [Framily, Sp]

Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos “Nebula” (world premiere) [Mx/Ca]
Children of The Light “Diapositive 1.2” [NL]
Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc “Synspecies” (world premiere) [Sp/Si]

“Lost in Time”. Patrick Bernatchez [Ca]
Closing Party:
Convextion live [A.R.T.Less, US] + Komatssu [Sp]

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