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Lev Festival in Madrid Audiovisual

Audiovisual arts festival L.E.V. expands its scale with new edition LEV Matadero taking place this October in Madrid.

Audiovisual arts festival L.E.V. expands its scale with new edition LEV Matadero taking place this October in Madrid.

Morton Subotnick, Lillevan & Alec Empire
Morton Subotnick, Lillevan & Alec Empire

LEV festival expands outside the breezy and beautiful shores of Gijon, Spain, and presents LEV Matadero - its first edition taking place in Madrid. The festival will take place from 17th till 20th of October and will occupy different spaces of the Center of Contemporary Creation. As usual with LEV, it will present a myriad of multidisciplinary experiences ranging from audiovisual shows to 3D retrofuturistic performances.

Haswell & Powell Lev Festival
HP [Haswell & Powell]

The artist list is equally colorful. Legendary IDM veterans of Warp label Plaid will present their Polymer audiovisual performance. James Ferraro will present a generative music composition together with digital artist Maotik. Morton Subotnick will revisit his legendary epic Silver Apples of The Moon with the help from Lillevan and Alec Empire. We will also hear digital etherealism of Aïsha Devi, fresh Volume Massimo program from Alessandro Cortini as well massive new Emptyset’s live performance. Experimental club music fringes will be explored by such innovators as Sega Bodega, Nkisi, Ikonika, Mr. Mitch etc. Eli Keszler will deliver some leftfield jazz fusion in his collab with Nate Boyce.

Alessandro Cortini by Emilie Elizabeth
Alessandro Cortini by Emilie Elizabeth

Vortex, the new section of the festival, will be dedicated to hybrid projects exploring the intersections of cinema, arts, technology, video games and electronic creations. It will further expand LEV’s fixation on multidisciplinary arts.

More info on the fest here: levfestival.com/matadero/

Morton Subotnick, Lillevan & Alec Empire: From Silver Apples to a Sky of Cloudless
Sulphur [Us/De]
Plaid: Polymer Live Av [Warp. Uk]
James Ferraro: Requiem for Recycled Earth w/ visuals by Maotik [Us / Ca]
Francisco López [Es]
Aïsha Devi Live [Houndstooth. Ch]
Ryoichi Kurokawa: subassemblies
Alessandro Cortini: Volume Massimo Live Av [Mute. It]
Kelly Moran Live Av [Warp. Us]
Djrum Live [R&S. Uk]
Sega Bodega Live [NUXXE. Uk]
Emptyset: Blossoms Live Av [Thrill Jockey. Uk]
HP [Haswell&Powell] w/ visuals by Mathias Gmachl (Farmers Manual)
Eli Keszler & Nate Boyce: Pedagogy Live Av [Us]
Nkisi: Initiation Live Av [UIQ. Uk ]
Tensal Live w/ visuals by Marta Verde [Soma. Es]
Spime.IM: Exaland Live Av [ous. It]
Reebok presents Ikonika Live [Hyperdub. Uk]
Djrum [R&S. Uk]
BVDub Live [Us]
Mr. Mitch Live Av [Planet Mu / Gobstopper. Uk]
Lucie Antunes: Sergeï Live [Crybaby / Infiné. Fr]
Reebok presents Skygaze Live: Bloom [Es]
BABii Live Av [Uk]
Hidden Jayeem Live [Es]
Promising/Youngster Live [Several Roots / Sin Hilo. Es]
Myriam Bleau & LaTurbo Avedon: Eternity Be Kind [Qc/Ca]
Oklou & Krampf: Zone W/O People Live Av [Fr]
Push 1 stop & Wicklow: Membrane Live Av [Qc/Ca]
Recsund: Tuner Live Av [Uk]
Maxim Corbeil-Perron: Imaginary Optics I & II Live Av [Qc/Ca]
Kamikaze Space Programme + Geso Live Av [Osiris Music, UK / Es]
Rrucculla Live Av [BIIPBIIP. Es]
The Glad Scientist Vr Performance [VLSC. Pr / Us]
Shoeg: Infiltrate Live Av [Es]

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