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Broken Bone Music Mix

Broken Bone is offering listeners to take their ears on a 3-hour long journey that goes far beyond any musical limits, blowing your mind out the door from the very first minute. Dare to try their thoroughly assembled collage of sounds

Broken Bone is a duo from Yorkshire, consisting of Daz Quayle and Tony “Bone” Snowden. They are part of the small and select group of artists under Andrea Parker’s Aperture record label together with cliffordandcalix (Mark Clifford (Seefeel) and Mira Calix), T.e.s.o. and others. For their part, in 2014 Broken Bone gave us Willowbrook, one of the most inspiring heavily industrialized records of that year. This release is quite a bit more than a mere compilation of tracks. It offers a journey into the very dark depths of humankind that is both terrific and terrifying. The sonic combination of noise, IDM, post-industrial music, drone, and techno takes us to the notorious Willowbrook State School for the mentally disabled. This was a soundtrack for an institution, whose walls witnessed the inhabitants’ punishment and marginalization at the hands of a state and society that does not need unproductive members. Listening to this masterpiece is just like stepping into the now-abandoned Willowbrook complex, like a trip straight to hell. The album is a must for any heavy and intense music lover, specifically for those fond of Autechre, Pan Sonic, Emptyset, early Speedy J or even Whitehouse.

Secret Thirteen Mix 181 is a musical gem compiled and mixed by Broken Bone. Although experiencing them perform live is very rare (In fact, their show at Manchester’s Gesamtkunstwerk was one of the last chances to see all their potential and corrosion displayed on-stage), for those interested in digging into their inspirations and motivations, this complex 3-hour-and-then-some mix represents a unique opportunity. Not only do they share a substantial number of tracks, but the overall result is a true mixing masterclass that pushes all genre boundaries and alters the listeners’ state of mind. As they themselves state, “To hear is the most underrated of the senses. Music is the most powerful mood changing experience.” Indeed they manage to turn those three hours into a canvas, into an ongoing and eloquent battle of light and shadow. With this mix, Broken Bone have drawn a profound and uncanny modern picture, with perspective, still life and chiaroscuro. “You must show light and dark within a mix. If you are always hyper, hyper becomes normality. You can lose the appreciation for the dynamics of a track if there is no contrast.”

A painting, a tale, a sculpture… Many epithets could fit this mix but words might be meaningless here. The only undeniable thing is that this is a physical and psychoacoustic work of art. Autechre, I-f, Leo Anibaldi, Mira Calix, Pharmakon, Ekoplekz, AnD and Sendai are just some of the artists listeners should expect to hear throughout this broad sonic journey. Just follow their advice: “Have it on fucking loud. We hope you are gripped by the music. Why do we feel physically & mentally different when a well-executed swelled-up EQ sweep falls from the speakers? There is a part of your brain which continually crunches sounds... track into track, noise into noise. Let your doors of perception be swung open. So yeah... check it out, it’s a 3-hour bone wormhole.”


*At Broken Bone request, only the artists will be listed so that listeners can dig deeper and investigate their respective works.

Aluminum Noise
Andres Lewin Richter
Bristol Meths
Broken Bone
Christian Wunsch
Cocteau Twins
Dabrye (feat. MF Doom)
DJ Scotch Bonnet (feat Sensational)
Handsome Boy Modelling School (feat Alec Empire & EL-P)
Hildur Gudnodottir
Igor Wakhevitch
Johann Sebastian Bach / Lalo Schifrin
Klaus Schulze
Koenraad Ecker
Leo Anibaldi
Luke Lund
Mater Suspiria Vision
Maurizio Bianchi
Mira Calix
Pendle Coven
Nurse With Wound
Oni Ayhun
Rafael Anton Irisarri
S Olbricht
Shadow Huntaz
Shit and Shine
The Art of Waiting
The Connection Machine
The Haxan Cloak
The Midnight Episode
The Wee DJs
The White Noise
You'll Learn

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