I Murdered – Blood In Blood Out – Reclaim Your City

I Murdered – Blood In Blood Out – Reclaim Your City

I Murdered’s industrial techno sound reaches a massive level of intensity with the collaboration of Orphx and JK Flesh.

I Murdered is a duo based in Berlin consisting of Janice and Luis Flores. Janice “could be everything, could be nothing”, as he himself says. But beyond this conceptual self-description, he has tangibly proven to be an interesting figure in this newest wave of Berlin techno, thanks to his powerful yet psychoactive sound. Luis Flores is a Mexican producer that has been in the business for over 30 years. Currently based in Berlin, his heterogenous offering lies midway among a myriad of genres, such as techno, minimal, industrial or EBM, you name it. After “Sin and Confessions” [Mord, 2017], their superb first work together, these two musicians have joined Reclaim Your City to put out “Blood In Blood Out”. This new EP will be released in digital and 12”.

JK Flesh. Photo by Kim Sølve
JK Flesh. Photo by Kim Sølve

Consisting of two originals and their respective remixes by Orphx and Justin Broadrick under his JK Flesh moniker, “Blood In Blood Out” follows the path opened by its predecessor almost two years ago. Somehow darker, its industrial techno explores more distorted realms, incorporates dungeon-like vocals and catchy riffs. Tracks grow fatter as minutes go by, together with intensity, thus becoming massive destruction weapons ideal to set any dancefloor on fire. While the magnificent title-track could be described as more industrial per se, Insomnia goes quite further. Still keeping the same level of harshness, it also invites listeners to go on a polychromatic journey full of textures, hints and effects. Rich and Christina re-interpret “Blood In Blood Out” turning the track into an acid trip… MASSIVE. Then, Justin grabs Insomnia and, well, we all know what JK Flesh is capable of. We know where he comes from as well, and yes, he revamps the track completely, increases that grainy sound and keeps the abrasiveness to create a napalm-like —of course— incendiary piece.

Orphx Press - I Murdered
Orphx. Press Pic

All in all, this massive work by these two geniuses, and their honorable invitees, is a must for any techno DJ box, a sure bet to destroy any venue and a fresh result for a genre, industrial techno, often lacking innovative proposals. That is exactly where the merit of this work lies: in the fact that it is amazingly enjoyable, mesmerizing and psychotropic. A 10 out of 10.

Format: 12’’ / Digital
Label: Reclaim Your City
Cat. No: RYC011
Release Date: 29 October, 2019
A1 / 1. Blood In Blood Out
A2 / 2. Blood In Blood Out (Orphx Remix) B1 / 3. Insomnia
B2 / 4. Insomnia - JK Flesh Remix

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