The 10th Edition of L.E.V. Festival

Myriam Bleau

Autopsy:glass by Myriam Bleau

L.E.V. Festival returns with its 10th edition and presents the first part of its exciting and boundary-breaking line-up. The festival will take place from 28th April until 1st of May in the coastal city of Gijon in Spain. It focuses on interdisciplinary arts and performances as well as unexpected collaborations and spaces. L.E.V. connects sound with image, daring contemporary electronic music with state-of-art visual experiments. The report from the previous edition of the festival can be accessed here.

This year the festival will host a surround show of German experimental techno legend Monolake, the “Sky Machine” performance of Robert Lippok, a collaboration between Subtext label head Paul Jebanasam and visual artist Tarik Barri, an exclusive show by Myriam Bleau and others.

Festival visitors will have a rare chance to witness Biosphere’s live performance based on his timeless “Patashnik” album. The line-up also includes Pole, which has released an excellent album in 2015 and will undoubtedly present an impressive live-show. Further on the bill is experimental and atmospheric techno princess Dash Rush presenting an exclusive “Antarktik Takt” performance in collaboration with visual artist Stanislav Glazov. L.E.V. 2016 will also host shows by such notable artists and DJs as Andrea Parker, Herman Kolgen, Ametsub, Rovert Lobo. It is also really pleasant to see a fellow rapidly rising Lithuanian producer J.G. Biberkopf in the list.


Further L.E.V. Festival updates have just been announced. It has been confirmed that Kuedo will present an audiovisual performance together with visual artist Werkflow, while Alex Smoke will collaborate with Florence To for an audiovisual live show. We will also be able to witness some multidisciplinary acts including Cao Yuxi, the sci-fi influenced Macrocosm as well as Raquel Meyers playing on vintage Commodore 64 computers and Sonic Robots - a musical performance created live by robots. Further on the bill are LCC, the duo known for their dreamy and immersive soundscapes, Oscar Mulero, Bass Boss, BSN Posse and others. See the updated line-up below.

First Round:

Gijon ́s X International Festival of Audio-visual Creation · X Anniversary

Monolake Surround 2016 (Imbalance Computer Music, De) Biosphere presents Patashnik(Biophon, No) Robert Lippok presents Sky Machine (raster-noton, De) Robert Henke presents Fall (De) Herman Kolgen (Ca) Pole (Pole, Music, De)
Kuedo Live A/V feat Werkflow (Knives, Uk)
Hiroaki Umeda presents Holistic Strata (Jp)
Dasha Rush in collaboration with visual artist Stanislav Glazov present Antarctic Takt (De)
Red Bull Music Academy presents Alex Smoke L.O.W. A/V feat. Florence To
Oscar Mulero presents Monochrome (Pole Group, Es) Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri present Continuum live A/V (Subtext Recordings, Uk / Nl)
Myriam Bleau presents Soft revolvers / autopsy:glass (Ca) Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet present Mécaniques Discursives
Yro & Sati present Inside the Black Box (Fr)
Ametsub (Nothings66 / Blueberry Recordings, Jp)
Joanie Lemercier presents Wall Drawing L.E.V. 2016 (Fr)
Sunny Graves A/V (Disboot / Modern Obscure Music, Es)
LCC (Editions Mego, Es)
Cao Yuxi presents Macrocosm (Cn)
J.G. Biberkopf (Knives,Lt)
Datassette (AI, Uk)
Komatssu (Es)
Sonic Robots presents Glitchrobot (De)
Raquel Meyers (Es)
Bass Boss (Es)
Jägermeister presents: BSN Posse (Iberian Juke/Slime Recordings, Es), JMII (Hivern Discs, Es) and Condres (Holistic, Es)
Lanna Club Thursday 28 th April + Sunday 01 st May. 2016
Thursday, April 28th · Opening Party
Andrea Parker (Touchin' Bass / Uk)
Ametsub (Nothings66 / Blueberry Recordings, Jp)
Roberto Lobo (live) (Humo, Es)
Luishock (Post Club / Hooded Records / Es)
Sunday, May 1st · Closing Party · 10 years of LEV
Robert Lippok (live) (raster-noton, De)
Datassette (AI, Uk)
Sunny Graves (Disboot / Modern Obscure Music, Es)
Komatssu (Es)

To celebrate the Festival’s birthday, these parties will feature DJ sessions and special live appearances by some of the artists included in this edition’s line-up, such as Robert Lippok (De), Ametsub (Jp), Sunny Graves (Sp), Komatssu (Sand) and Datassette (Uk); but new names will also be included, as the Festival debut by Andrea Parker (Uk), Asturian Roberto Lobo (1200 of Fasenuova) presenting live his new project for the first time, or Luishock (Sp), member of Madrid’s Post Club.

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