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Ontario Hospital - Future Ready - Opal Tapes

2015 has brought a great piece of news to techno lovers. Dave Foster aka Huren/Teste and Orphx's Rich Oddie have joined forces. As they have repeatedly said, it was only a question of time. Both have been friends for long time, since the early years of Toronto’s rave scene, and have shared a common interest for radical genres such as hard techno, industrial or noise. The result is one of the most inspiring Opal Tapes acts: Ontario Hospital, or O/H. Back in January 2015, the label put out their first E.P., which is entitled “Future Ready”, both in vinyl and digital formats.

This four-track E.P. brings to life a truly unique project. To understand better its sound, we should look back to where the two Canadians come from. On the one hand, Teste has always been a big inspiration for Orphx and, undoubtedly, that has been a decisive factor in the duo’s approach to the realm of techno. On the other hand, Foster’s work has progressively moved from techno towards power electronics. Nonetheless, what could be seen as opposite tendencies, can also represent the perfect starting point to combine their respective and personal views, and a great opportunity to create something new.

While Dave focuses on vocals and effects, Rich takes the lead at percussion and synths. In “Future Ready” recording sessions, they used a variety of gear, although the presence of Korg’s MS-20 and Roland’s TR-808 is quite evident and common to all songs. After a few seconds, listeners shall notice the whole project is based around improvisation. The title track, which is the opening one as well, is a noisy aggressive medium-pace composition. A military structure shall be perceived, close to post-industrial genre but with a marked dub rhythm. “Consumer Report” keeps the aggressiveness based on a hypnotic industrial halfstep, and adds a myriad of harsh effects and vocals. “Perfect Skin” increases the noise level of an almost primitive sort of techno rhythm, garnished with a wisely operated TR-808 and Dave’s splendid knob manipulation and oral mantra. However, O/H saved the best for last. “Bleed Down” closes the E.P. with mind-blowing oscillations and inflammatory percussions. Here, their one-of-a-kind performance forces listeners to pay careful attention to, and get lost in, the plethora of distorted effects and unforeseeable variations this track offers.

In brief, “Future Ready” is a truly killer first try by Ontario Hospital. Their instinctive crafting is just unique. Archaic industrial techno, EBM, noise and power electronics all combined in four tracks, that is what listeners shall expect when pressing play. The cyclic 808 rhythms, radical distortion and incendiary effects used by the duo, together with Dave’s dystopian vocals, allow O/H to create a captivating futuristic soundscape and imprint an industrial feeling to their personal sound. As Dave Foster stated, “Ontario Hospital is SONICS FOR MANIACS”.

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Edited & Directed by Dominic F. Marceau

Edited & Directed by Dominic F. Marceau

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