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Four years have passed since Pan Sonic issued their last work, “Gravitoni”. That was in 2010, the year when they split up. Since then, much has been discussed about a new issue and many have been stoically awaiting new stuff. Now this duo’s fans should be pleased that rumours have become true. Ukrainian label Kvitnu has the honour of releasing these two musicians’ new album on February 20. “Oksastus”, which is the Finnish word for the process of grafting and cultivating plants, provides potential listeners with an unmistakably Pan Sonic live performance recorded in Kyiv on June 6, 2009, before an audience of no more than two hundred amazed – and lucky – people. It consists of eight tracks perfectly mastered by C-drík Fermont, which allow listeners to re-taste the greatness of these masters’ gigs and their unique electronic craft, and offer a perfect picture of their best technique and stand-alone on-stage approach.

Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen have their own chapter in electronic music history for many reasons: their one-of-a-kind style, which is midway between minimal techno and noise, the brutality of their shows, their use of drilling high-pitched sounds and, of course, their excellence in transforming electric current into abrasive soundscapes. All these characteristics have definitely a place in this superb live album. Indeed, these eight pieces should transport listeners from noisy anti-riot sound systems and fat techno kicks and hi-hats to industrial rhythms and layers. The outcome is as overwhelming as anyone would expect. Track structures force listeners to pay attention to every single effect, making you get lost in the mixture of darkness and violence that these figures of avant-garde electronic music undoubtedly suggest. On top of that, their use of analogue machines strengthens this album’s sound by making it more instinctive and natural, adding a genuine and tangible dimension to their performance.

Elliptical, hypnotic, raw… there are many adjectives that can be used to define this live set, but words are never enough to describe this Finnish duo’s savoir faire. No doubt the sound quality is something to be highlighted – greatly due to Kvitnu’s outstanding production effort – alongside their immersive myriad of distorted high-rate layers and percussions. In short, “Oksastus” is a MUST for every Pan Sonic fan and a strictly limited edition to be carefully kept alongside prized possessions of music lovers. The album art has been designed by Ukrainian artist Zavoloka. Also, it will be issued in CD and white double vinyl format, both packed in a luxurious cardboard cover, printed with metallized paint and additional hot foil pressing and UV-lacquering. A real treasure: end of story.

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