Secret Communications 003 - Cashmere Radio

Cashmere Radio with Paulius Ilevicius aka Ilius and Tadas Svencionis

Secret Communications 003

The third Secret Communications show features leftfield fusions of no wave and punk to sublime ‘90s shoegaze from Eastern Europe.

This show focuses on more guitar-based sounds, ranging from the grittiness and intensity of no wave and leftfield punk from the early 80’s to the sublime soundscapes of ‘90s Eastern European shoegaze or the more experimental fringes of folk. All picked by the Secret Thirteen crew and presented by Ilius and Švenčionis, the tracks vary from the playful funk-infused Alfonia Tims And His Flying Tigers to the Russian avant-synth of Asian Woman on the Telephone or the ecstatic brilliance of The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa, an underrated shoegaze band from Czech Republic.

The set, while mostly focused on the eccentric marginal music of the ‘80s, aims to encompass tracks where guitar players have experimented with noise in different contexts - in dark and aggressive music, as well as lighthearted tracks of pure fun. As always, we try to include a few examples from Eastern European scenes, which are quite rich in these genres, as the musical heritage of the ‘80s was very much alive in the cultural thaw felt throughout the region at the time. However, the core of the selection is centered in the US, and particularly NYC - the home of so many of the era’s musical innovations and colorful characters.

Reveal Playlist
01. Urang Otan - Waking In The Jungle [Zoar Records, 1981]
02. Former Airline - Low Print [SHDR Edit] [Secondhand Daylight Records, 2008]
03. KP Transmissions - Anatomy [Autogenesis, 2019]
04. Todd Clark - Death Hovers [T.M.I. Products, 1984]
05. Judy Nylon & Crucial - Information Rain [On-U Sound, 1982]
06. Novocaine Mausoleum - Night - V Mayakovsky 1912 [self released, 2006] 07. Modern Eon - The Grass Still Grows [Dindisc, 1981]
08. Lubricated Goat - All Too Sane [Black Eye Records, 1988]
09. Asian Woman on the Telephone - Cricket, Go Away [self-released, 2018]
10. Alfonia Tims And His Flying Tigers - Poppa Got Bagged [ROIR, 1982]
11. SH. - Single Coil [Zona Records, 1994]
12. The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - To Alison [Reflex Records, 1992]
13. Windy and Carl - Undercurrent [Kranky, 1998]
14. Loveliescrushing - Darkglassdolleyes [Lullaby, 1992]
15. Corpses As Bedmates - A Thought Through Shadows [Dead Man’s Curve, 1986]
16. Von LMO - Smudge Head [self-released, 1999]
17. Interference - She Said Destroy [The Social Registry. 2010]
18. Food Pyramid - Orange Alert [Moon Glyph, 2012]
19. Minimal Man - Far Away [Fundamental, 1986]
20. Charity Saints - The Strength [Emergentism, 2016]
21. Circle X - Heartbreaker [self-released, 1979]
22. The Contortions - Contort Yourself [Ze Records, 1979]
23. Neutral - Blott [Omlott, 2017]

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