Radio Secret Communications

Logo Projection + Analog Photo by SU-Y

Logo Projection + Analog Photo by SU-Y

Secret Communications is our monthly radio show broadcasted on the Berlin-based Cashmere Radio and hosted by Ilius and Svencionis.

Secret Communications is a monthly radio show curated by the Secret Thirteen team and hosted by Ilius and Švenčionis. It is broadcasted on Berlin’s Cashmere Radio, a community-focused place for broad-minded musical explorers. The radio matched our experimental, DIY ethos thus our collaboration began!

We try to make our show as eclectic and adventurous as the mixes we host, by playing myriads of genres from sublime ambient magic to sharp synth, from undiscovered jewels from the deep vaults of the past to fresh forthcoming material. As we have diverse musical tastes and focus on different genres, it all comes naturally from everyday explorations and constant discoveries.

All the artists are welcome to send their records digitally to email or physically to Teatro 11-13, LT-03107, Vilnius, Lithuania. We certainly won’t play all of them, but we might play a few of the ones we enjoyed the most.