Secret Communications 004 - Cashmere Radio

Secret Communications 004 - Cashmere Radio

Secret Communications 004 - Cashmere Radio

The fourth show on Cashmere Radio explores diverse danceable vibes from mid 80’s till now ranging from velveteen lushness to grittier synths and Lithuanian 90’s grooves.

For the fourth session of our monthly show, we decided to go more uptempo and include more danceable vibes for the winter season. Again the mood range is broad from borderline beach vibes and velveteen synth pads of 100% Silk label artists to tropical melancholy of Hunter Complex or Scandinavian Star, grittier synths of TWINS, Anne Clark and Innergaze. Neurotic rhythms are changed by Balearic blissfulness or intelligent grooves, Roland 303 patterns stand next to awkward Berliner minimal techno vibes and revival of sounds coming from late 90’s and early 2000’s.

We also included a couple of jewels of Lithuanian mid-90’s dance music scene, which produced a few brilliant releases embracing foreign influences as well as local sensibilities (check Exem and Plasma tracks). Back in the 90’s the artists here did not have the same possibilities as in Western European countries. Due to peculiar cultural circumstances this resulted in the strange fusion of techno, acid and pop.

Reveal Playlist
1. Plasma - Humanoid (Koja Records, 1997)
2. Dearly Departure - Fear of Losing You (100% Silk, 2018)
3. Potential DifferenSe - Shinobi (Detroit Underground, 2018)
4. Beta Librae - Red Herring (Allergy Season, 2018)
5. Anne Clark - Our Darkness (10 Records, 1984)
6. Glues - Pattex 2-4 (self-released, 2018)
7. Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Bouncyland (self-released, 2018)
8. Exem - Pavasario Lietūs (Koja Records, 1997)
9. Divine Interface - Divide It (CGI Records, 2017)
10. Nark - Sunrise Climb (2MR, 2018)
11. Hunter Complex - Chase Manhattan (Death Waltz Originals, 2019)
12. Dzang - Whatchu Do (Dzang Recs, 2017)
13. The Cyclist - Cologne Hills (100% Silk, 2018)
14. Hausfrau - Trivial Pursuits (Possession Records, 2016)
15. Scandinavian Star - Candy (Posh Isolation, 2019)
16. The Future Sound of London - Crawler (, 2015)
17. Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Electropop Swimming Pool Gymnopedie (self-released, 2018)
18. Cherushii - Nightsteps (100% Silk, 2015)
19. TWINS - Closed Eyes (Clan Destine Records, 2018)
20. Machine Woman - A Machine That is Trapped in the Frankfurt's (MMODEMM, 2018)
21. Minimal Violence - Houses (1080p, 2016)
22. Innergaze - Mutual Dreaming (Cititrax, 2012)
23. Interbellum - Brechtje / Tien December Negentientachtig (Vrystaete, 2019)

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