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In the first episode of our show we present some Lithuanian synth/noise sounds and other material ranging from blissful ambience to rave deconstructions.

In the first instalment of Secret Communications broadcasted from Vilnius we travel from clear-viewed ambience to harsher synth and noise. Along the way you can hear forthcoming tracks from rave deconstructors Lyra Valenza and glitchy noisemakers Tiese. We also included some tracks from the vaults of the Lithuanian underground, presenting a small, but colorful local community. Lots of textured soundscapes, intense rhythmics and dreamy ambience for your autumnal listen.

Reveal Playlist
01. Beast – Staren [Thrill Jockey, 2018]
02. Ensemble Economique – Music Is Life (feat. Alexander Molero) [Denovali, 2018]
03. Šalta Kava – Krantas [Secondhand Daylight Records, 2008]
04. Thugwidow – Europa [BLCR Laboratories, 2018]
05. Dissecting Table – Rokudo [Dark Vinyl Records, 1995]
06. Tiese – Untitled [Secret Thirteen, forthcoming]
07. Patricia Kokett – Luxor [Knekelhuis, 2018]
08. Lyra Valenza – January Airdrop [Opal Tapes / Petrola 80, forthcoming]
09. Yaws – Reflekt [Alien Jams, forthcoming]
10. Djurkliniken – Cry [Negabeat Records, 1989]
11. Punky Jones – Moondrunk [Clan Destine Records, 2018]
12. Fake Skies – Ritual Healing [Subsidence, 2018]
13. Slovenska Televiza – Bailes Valstīs [Leipzig Inn Records, 2016]
14. Advanced Art – You’re a Pretender [self-released, 1987]
15. Dick Tracy’s Wrist Radio – Nightcaller [Vinyl-on-demand, 2014]
16. Semănat – Langas [self-released, 2017]
17. Black Deer – She Is Coming [L.I.E.S., 2016]
18. Phalangius – Snowman Theorem [Strange Life Records, 2007]
19. The Legendary Pink Dots – Fare Thee Well [Noise Noise Noise Records USA, 2018]

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