Secret Thirteen Mix 044 - Mokira

Andreas Tilliander aka Mokira - Podcast mix
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An enchanting mix by Andreas Tilliander aka Mokira including his exclusive musical improvisations and favourite records.

An enchanting mix by Andreas Tilliander aka Mokira including his exclusive musical improvisations and favourite records.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 044” is a sonorous music hybrid creation that fuses exclusively re-edited production by the author of a mix and such well-known musicians as Roly Porter, Rrose, Pole, Cio D'or, Love Joys and others. Smoothly integrated Scandinavian soundscape field-recordings and mysterious dialog cuts from Ingmar Bergman's cinematic masterpiece are the next definite reasons to awake each of our observers attention.

The author of the mix is Andreas Tilliander (born 1977, Hässleholm), a Swedish producer, musician and sound artist, now residing in Stockholm. Prolific output and brilliant creativity gained Tilliander (known as LOWFOUR, Mokira, Andreas Tilliander, Komp and more) critically acclaimed achievements from the international glitch-techno community during the early 2000s. After the contribution to the evolution of the 'clicks & cuts' genre with his first albums “Cliphop” and “Ljud”, Tilliander has recorded more than 10 albums and many more singles for such honorable electronic music labels as Raster-Noton, Mille Plateaux, Type, iDEAL Recordings and others. In 2004 Andreas Tilliander has received a Swedish Grammy for his electro-infused pop experiments and actually he has got it twice. He is the owner of productive Repeatle Studios where adapts his solid mastering engineering skills to numerous record labels and individual music artists.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 044” is an enchanting audio collage that merges 14 vibrant records released between 1995 and 2012. Tilliander's specially re-shaped personal creations and exclusive improvisations give more authenticity and interest to the whole recording. Korg Stage Echo as well as Roland Space Echo old audio analog delay effect units are gently used all over the mix. The basis stands on the constantly swinging ambiance, glittering distorted sound motives and often emerging liquid rhythmical patterns. Background is covered with intense glitches micro-activity, sparkling drone lines and unfolding echoing melodies. The lament and monologue fragments from the classic Ingmar Bergman film “Cries & Whispers”, some recordings of rain at Stockholm fill the wholeness with intrigue and vitality. Beside developing dub-techno, ambient, acid, experimental music styles the listener could hear even subtly inserted reggae song and blowing 50s love lullaby. High quality, sound flexibility, consistent and thoughtful building of emotional story makes this recording a chef-d'oeuvre that needs to be listened carefully for a couple times to absorb it completely.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 044” is like an influential Jackson Pollock abstract expressionistic drip painting “White Light” where effective contrast between black groundwork and occupied white horizon can be interpreted as Tilliander's expression of cognition, hope, environment interpretation and emotional convulsions. Effect of balance, contrast, emphasis and movement in this recording should whirl the listener into Tilliander's odd universe.


01. Abdulla Rashim - Weldiya 3 (Prologue, 2012)
02. Mouse On Mars - Preprise (Too Pure, 1995)
03. Mokira - Time Track (Secret Thirteen Edit, 2012)
04. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - 13 (Hyperdub, 2012)
05. Vainqueur - Elevation II (Chain Reaction, 1997)
06. Cio D'or - Magnetfluss (Prologue, 2011)
07. Rrose - Shadow Pocket [Variation One] (Sandwell District, 2011)
08. Pole - Fahren (Kiff SM, 1999)
09. Love Joys - Gimme Back (Wackie's, 2002)
10. Roly Porter - Tleilax (Subtext, 2011)
11. Andreas Tilliander - She Dont Cry (Secret Thirteen Jam Edit, 2012)
12. TM404 - 303/303/303/303/606 (2010)
13. The Cryin' Shames - Please Stay (Mokira Secret Thirteen Edit, 2012)
14. Mokira - A Dub In Cmin For Secret Thirteen (2012)

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