STM 045 - Peter Rehberg

Peter Rehberg aka Pita owner of Edition Mego record label

Photo by Magdalena Blaszczuk

An eclectic mix by Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) fusing 16 eccentric records released by Editions Mego and its parent labels.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 045” is a comprehensively selected figurative music compilation that connects 16 communicative records by such original and authoritative musicians as Russell Haswell, Kevin Drumm, Florian Hecker, Nick Edwards, Mark Fell, Emeralds and other skillful craftsmen. Mix author's distinctive, perceptive and distilled philosophy of musical expression should capture even the diehard critic attention from the first harsh sound convulsions.

The author of the mix is Peter Rehberg (b. 1968, London), also known as Pita, experimental electronic music performer and sound artist who lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Rehberg is a member of projects such as MIMEO, Fenn O'Berg, KTL and is a prolific collaborator. Started his musical path in the early 1990′s, Rehberg has released numerous records both solo and collaboratively on such noticeable labels as Mego, Touch, Staalplaat, Häpna, Fällt, No Fun Productions and others. Rehberg has created music for French theatre-maker Gisèle Vienne performances like “This Is How You Will Disappear”, “Kindertotenlieder”, “Last Spring : A Prequel”, also for choreographers such as Meg Stuart and Chris Haring. Rehberg also runs an influential Editions Mego label, formerly known as Mego, the catalyst for the emergence of the ‘Extreme Computer Music’ sound in the early 1990′s.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 045” is an eclectic music selection that fuses eccentric and authentic creations. The catchy thing about this mix is that all the records has been recently released or are forthcoming on Rehberg's Editions Mego label and its sublabels - Spectrum Spools, Ideologic Organ and Sensate Focus. There is no particular basis or concrete emotional balance for Rehberg's recording except the high quality, rebelliousness and originality of sound that are the perceptible priorities. Mix vary from emphatic melodies and strongly synthetic rhythmics to innovative modulations and bizarre atmospheres. The background is full of different music styles fragments starting with experimental, abstract, psychedelic and finishing with trance, disco, hardcore and even more unique formations. There is no space for dull, narrow and insignificant records. Is it a frustration or is it a chef-d'oeuvre every observer should decide individually, but the fact is that obviously it's a very difficult task to remain indifferent after listening to Rehberg's timeless subconsciousness escape.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 045” is like a thoughtful Kurt Schwitters' modern art painting “Untitled (Oval Construction)” where influence of odd constructivism creates more liberal and stable overall abstract architectural composition. Rehberg's longevous intellectual musical insights, work with different artists experience and label management skills should clearly expand listeners thoughts how forward-thinking records should be crafted, connected and presented.

Reveal Playlist
01. Kevin Drumm - Beeswax (from eMEGO 137, Relief LP)
02. Michael Pollard - A pencil rubbing for the album cover (from SP 026, Translations 01 LP)
03. Forma - Off (from SP 024, Off/On LP/CD)
04. Raglani - Trampoline Dream (from eMEGO 159, Real Colours Of The Real World LP+7")
05. Thought Broadcast - Portrait Heads (from eMEGO 147, Emergency Stairway LP)
06. Hecker - شیمرسازی (from eMEGO 155, شیمرسازی LP)
07. Sensate Focus - X (from FOCUS 2.5, Sensate Focus 2.5 12")
08. Bee Mask - Pinq Drinq (from SP 023, When We Ate Unripe Pears LP)
09. Container - Perforarte (from SP 025, LP LP)
10. Russell Haswell - Killer Snakehead (from eMEGO 157, Factual LP)
11. Lorenzo Senni - Make Believe (from eMEGO 152, Quantum Jelly LP)
12. Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang - Kidung (from SOMA011, The Face Of The Earth LP)
13. Three Legged Race - Persuasive Barrier (from SP 022, Persuasive Barrier LP)
14. Nick Edwards - (No) Escape From '79 (from eMEGO 145, Plekzationz 2LP/CD)
15. Kassel Jaeger - Deltas (taken from eMEGO 149, Deltas LP)
16. Emeralds - Search For Me In The Wasteland (taken from eMEGO 150, Just To Feel Anything LP/CD)

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