STM 277 - Sigillum S

Sigillum S -  Bruno Dorella, Eraldo Bernocchi, Luca Di Giorgio, Paolo Bandera

Photo by Stefano Masselli

Legendary industrial/dark ambient act Sigillum S compiles a mix mirroring their current artistic path with music ranging from cloudy ambient to harsher textures.

Few things in our mutable existence are as certain as quality music from Sigillum S. This Italian experimental-minded industrial/dark ambient project started building their temple of sound a few years before the birth of this author - in 1985. And what an intricate temple it is: full of dark corners leaving ample room for monuments of the imagination, altars for mysterious ceremonies conducted in hushed voices, and an overflowing sense of tranquility. Sigillum S combines Paolo Bandera, aka Sshe Retina Stimulants, Eraldo Bernocchi, known for his many musical endeavors (including collaborations with Mick Harris, Chihei Hatakeyama, etc.), Bruno Dorella, and Luca di Giorgio. Even after all these years, Sigillum S keeps coming up with fresh music, as evidenced by their 2018 LP, The Irresistible Art Of Space Colonization And Its Mutation Implications - one of our favorite records of the year. It is a huge honor to include their mix in our series!

Secret Thirteen Mix 277 fluctuates between the weighty harshness of industrial textures, airy ambience and sounds of a more improvisatory nature, mostly from a jazz background. The latter is illustrated by the fact that the mix is framed with legendary Dizzy Gillespie’s brilliant 1957 live recording from Newport. Elsewhere the contrasts are maintained by such diverse picks as the gritty distortions of “Dead River” by Uniform and The Body, the echoing arpeggios of melancholy of the track by Bing & Ruth or even the majestic drones of Hans Zimmer, evoking the flashy scenes of the excellent Blade Runner 2049. Rhythms are changed by floating soundscapes, guitars by electroacoustic experiments and this variety illustrates the broad range of influences behind the sound of Sigillum S.

Artists on the mix:

“Sigillum S have approached the mix process as some kind of acoustic mirror of their current mind sets and creative framework. As such, they have individually selected relevant inputs from their contemporary listening platforms and infected them with deteriorated seeds from lost past, together with a few self-references to their solo works, just to provide clearer coordinates.

The contribution has been then mixed into a coherently dystopian map of cultural anomalies, ranging from hyper inflated gender noise to decomposed ethnic blisters, from pure jazz tones to scorching doom blasts. A linear representation of what Sigillum S usually presents in a fully over layered fusion of contradictions and paradoxes or Hans Zimmer.

Enjoy and get lost in amplified contrast and fictional theory.”

Reveal Playlist
01. Dizzy Gillespie - "A Night In Tunisia", At Newport [Verve, 1957]
02. Puce Mary "Dissolve", The Drought [Pan, 2018]
03. Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold "Five Demiurgic Options", Sferic Ghost Transmits [Honest Jons, 2017]
04. Hans Zimmer "2049", Blade Runner 2049 OST [Epic, 2017]
05. Meredith Monk "Evolution", On Behalf Of Nature [ECM, 2016]
06. Uniform and The Body "Dead River", Mental Wounds Not Healing [Sacred Bones, 2018]
07. OvO "Freakout", Creatura [Dio Drone, 2016]
08. Ben Frost "Threshold Of Faith", Threshold Of Faith [Mute, 2017]
09. Bing & Ruth "Flat Line - Peak Color", No Home Of The Mind [4AD, 2017]
10. Hammock "Three Sisters" [Darla, 2008]
11. Xiu Xiu "Queen Of The Losers", Forget [Polyvinyl, 2017]
12. Oren Ambarchi "Hubris 3", Hubris [Mego, 2016]
13. Pan Daijing "SEX & DISEASE", Sex & Disease [Noisekoeln, 2015]
14. Blackwood "Unrecoverable Mistakes", As The World Rots Away [Subsound, 2016]
15. David Toop "Dry Keys Echo In The Dark And Humid Early Hours" , Entities Inertias Faint Beings [Room40, 2016]
16. Tiresia "Outside", Tiresia [Bronson, 2017]
17. Paolo L. Bandera "Immerso Nella Lava Di Un Vulcano Dell'Antartide", Realismo Inorganico [SoundScape 713, 2018]
18. Dizzy Gillespie "A Night In Tunisia", At Newport [Verve, 1957]

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