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Ran Slavin's music mix review

Photo by Yuri Gershberg

An enchanting musical selection, gently exploring the symbiosis between nebulous rhythmic and enigmatic soundscapes. (read interview with Ran Slavin here)


“Secret Thirteen Mix 032” is a smoothly polished volatile musical compilation which fuses fifteen exclusive records from such notable audio projects as Murcof, Stina Nordenstam, Erik K Skodvin, Strië, G.H. and other relevant musicians including mix author himself with his exclusive unreleased material.

The author of the mix is Ran Slavin (born in 1967 in Jerusalem), Israeli film maker, video artist and sound producer who lives and works in Tel Aviv. After completing BA in arts in Jerusalem (1990), Ran has done a valuable amount of works on video installation, film and sound performance. Slavin audio works can be described as a culmination of processed acoustic sources, glitch music and sonic panoramas which are often based/derived from guitar or piano. He has released over ten records on such respectable labels as Crónica, Mille Plateaux and Sub Rosa. Slavin's artistic expression often ranges from dreamy stories to science fiction and neo-noir styles. Working between the contemporary art world and the experimental music scene, his visual works have been described as an intense urban surrealism. Ran's creations have been presented internationally on numerous platforms. Selected screenings, performances and exhibitions include Mediations Biennale (Polin), Manifesta (Belgium), Venice Biennial, Liverpool Biennial, The Torino Film festival, Ars Electronica [Austria, an honorary mention], Maerzmusic (Berlin), Transmediale [Berlin], Deaf [Rotterdam], Rencontres Internationales [Madrid-Berlin-Paris], 9th International Istanbul Biennial, Netwerk Contemporary Art Centre [Aalst], Petah Tikva Art Museum [Israel], Gallery Givon (Israel).

“Secret Thirteen Mix 032” is an enchanting musical selection which gently explores symbiosis between nebulous rhythmic and enigmatic soundscapes. The whole compilation is author’s subconscious attempt to complete a feature-length audio collage for a fictional film. And Slavin did this very successfully. The basis stands on the vaporous experimental atmospheres, melodic fuzzy loops, hollow beat patterns and sonorous authentic musical effects. When softly shifting background layers subtly emerge into continuous wholeness, a solid unpredictability can be heard in each chosen unique composition. Slavin has shown how naturally acquired creativeness in the different field of art can enrich an approach to a single sound and draw a powerful emotional balance in it. The whole selection is simply a sublime harmony which goes in circles and every time lets us find something new and yet unnoticed.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 032” is like aesthetically chaotic Georges Braque's Analytic Cubism style painting “Soda” where contrasting forms gracefully connect each other with the help of favorable color tones and spatial cipher exposition thus involving the observer into romantic industrial fictional drama.


01. Svarte Greiner - The Boat Was My Friend
02. Strië - Fragments Of The Past
03. G.H. - Ground (Modern Love)
04. Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones - Mon Tragique Chartreuse
05. Ran Slavin - Triggers Of Violence
06. Erik K Skodvin - Neither Dust
07. G.H. - Albedo
08. G.H. - Earth
09. Svarte Greiner - Baandspiller I Solnedgang
10. Stina Nordenstam - Come To Me
11. Strië - Crack in the Boards
12. Murcof featuring Erik Truffaz - Al Mediodia
13. Strië - Substraction
14. Ran Slavin - Unreleased
15. Ran Slavin - Unreleased

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