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Okkre (formerly of LCC) compiles an intensely hypnotic, rhythmic and spiritual mix encompassing unique field recordings of different cultures and religions.

Okkre is the solo project of Gijón-based sound artist Uge Pañeda, formerly half of the LCC duo, which was known for its deep industrialised and experimental IDM explorations, fused with cinematic multilayered ambience (their excellent mix composed of movie soundtracks can be found here). Okrre’s solo sonic output is no less adventurous and stretches across various disciplines, stretching from choreography to documentary films. One of the most known manifestations of it is the Epica LP (released by Modern Obscure Music), a soundtrack created in collaboration with the choreographer Aimar Pérez Galí for a dance performance produced by Mercat de les Flors. The music here flourishes with vivid atmospheres, soaking the subtle energy of warm and aquatic 4x4 rhythms. Uge’s other endeavours include producing music for political and social documentaries, as well as field recording in various places of the world. Some of these recordings were used in this mix. Okkre’s live performances are also a powerful experiences - she certainly took over the hangar of the Engineering Institute in this year’s LEV Festival with her gargantuan and majestic heavy rhythmics that border on the edge between industrial and techno.

Secret Thirteen Mix 270 is an intensely hypnotic piece that captures the feeling of going back in time. As Uge has said: “I feel like all the dimensions intersect while the human repeats the same patterns of behavior to find the balance. We look for patterns constantly as if we are in some kind of "loop" in which the club, the rituals, the sounds, and the replaying of behaviors will help us. But I really feel that time/space dimensions are constantly crossing.” The mix includes lots of field recordings made by the artist herself. They are of prime importance because they form the core of the mix, guiding the listener through the trance-like sonic experiences. “Culto” recordings come from different countries and cultural and religious backgrounds. They introduce a strong element of global diversity to the mix. The selection of tracks is also colorful - we have the textured, intelligent techno of SHXCXCHCXSH standing next to Daniel Ruane’s sci-fi industrial rave attack or the divine compositions of Hildegard von Bingen, which add spirituality to the narrative. The selection floats as a single piece, immersing the listener into the vast depths and vivid spaces of sounds and experiences.

Reveal Playlist
01. Thomas Brinkmann - Agent Orange [Editions Mego, 2015]
02. Osheyack - Balance [Bedouin Records, 2018]
03. Broken English Club - Wreck [L.I.E.S., 2017]
04. Unknown Entity - Raging Horn [Unknown Entity, 2016]
05. Okkre - Culto 1 [field recording, 2006] 06. Daniel Ruane - Lapse Reflection [Infinite Machine, 2018]
07. AQXDM - Ballad [Bedouin Records, 2018]
08. Superficie - Nagina Remix [Nostro Hood System, 2017]
09. Okkre - Culto 2 [field recording, 2018] 10. EeOo - Untitled Rhythm [self-released, 2018]
11. Okkre - Void I [unreleased, 2018]
13. Okkre - Culto 3 [field recording, 2018] 14. Okkre - Void II [unreleased, 2018]
15. Okkre - Culto 4 [field recording, 2018] 16. Angus MacLise - Trance #2 [Sub Rosa, 2003]
17. Okkre - Dancers [field recording, 2017] 18. Cevdet Erek - Flow [Subtext Recordings, 2017]
19. Hildegard von Bingen - Hail, Noble One, Ave Generosa [Celestial Harmonies, 1999]
20. Emptyset - Skin [Thrill Jockey, 2017]
21. Okkre - Abduhl´s Car, Coming Back From The Desert [field recording, 2018] 22. Croatian Amor & Varg - Shadows Show [Posh Isolation, 2018]

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