STM 283 - Shattered Knives

Shattered Knives aka Mexican artist Carlos Flores and Romanian sound artist Alexandru Trendler

Photo from artist's personal archive

New Blood starts with an unsettling mix by the burgeoning electronic duo Shattered Knives, where they materialize mind-bending effects of ketamine in sonic form.

Shattered Knives is an electronic music duo consisting of Mexican artist Carlos Flores and Romanian sound artist Alexandru Trendler. When the two met at the Conservatory in the harsh city called The Hague, the strong bond was formed based on the shared affinity for heavy, distorted sounds and altered states of consciousness.

Both artists are active through their individual projects, sharing a similar background in punk and metal. A former member of punk and black metal bands, Carlos Flores is now working under the moniker Visions Of Lizard, where he translates his penchant for noise and distortion into a vortex of saturated abstractions and industrial rhythms to manifest desolate and decadent landscapes. As Ash Everywhere, Alexandru Trendler weaves his recent experiments in electroacoustic music with the metal-punk heritage of his teenage years. He also holds a monthly podcast on the Lithuanian radio Palanga Street Radio called Burnt Offerings, as a tribute to Rozz Williams.

Their complementary approaches to sound and atmosphere come together in a stunningly disturbing way on their mix for Secret Thirteen as Shattered Knives. They chose Ketamine as the drug to set the mood for this mix since it best embodies the proverbial void that characterizes their music taste and lifestyle.

Through hour-long duration and more than forty tracks, this mix features a truly impressive selection of artists, from rare finds or lesser known classics to the bold and unexpected combinations of tracks. All these elements result in a hallucinatory sense of displacement, where nothing is quite as it seems. Haunting ambient minimalism of Deathprod's „Treetop Drive 1“ sets the stage for lingering build up to Pact Infernal's ominous industrial beats of „Infernality“, which progress into painfully slowed down „Uranokemia“ by Pan Sonic. Shattered Knives play with long periods of unresolved tension, most often brought on by glitchy, noisy sound experiments such as Yves de Mey's Grey Branches, or pulsing surrealism of artists like Potter Natalizia Zen. This sense of hazy bewilderment is dispensed either with short moments of melancholic reflection through warped snippets from black metal projects like Hacavitz or Urfaust or developed into propulsive mania through equally warped industrial, darkwave or left field electronics. What holds this mix exquisitely together is Shattered Knives' uncanny ability to find common denominators between entirely different artists, continuously developing extremely dark and murky atmosphere with sparse moments of ease.

Shattered Knives on the mix

The anaesthetic, hallucinogenic and dissociative effects of Ketamine - also known in some circles as ''psychedelic heroin'' - were used as inspiration for this mix.
At the same time dopey and trippy, the mood is sculpted using many small layers that are sometimes processed with the usual electronic music tools such as reverb, delay, and transposition. The tracks are often transposed downwards so that the sound would mimic the dissociative experience of listening to music on Ketamine. The track selection blends our unreleased material with some all-time personal favourites plus some tracks that went under-the-radar in the last couple of years. Spiral-like, going in and out of the hole, crossing the same point at different degrees, the void becomes deeper and deeper while the self is being expunged by shadowy waves of different magnitudes. There was never a way out, just the final surrender of the body to cease the experience of the warped hollowness.

Reveal Playlist
1. Deathprod - Treetop Drive 1 [Metal Art Disco, 1994]
2. Iancu Dumitrescu - Clusterum I for percussion [Edition Modern, 1995]
3. Cober Ord - Avant la pierre (cénotaphe) [Cyclic Law, 2018]
4. Pact Infernal - Death & Rebirth [Horo, 2017]
5. Panasonic - Uranokemia [Blast First, 1996]
6. Visions of Lizard - Void [unreleased, 2018]
7. Oranssi Pazuzu - Reika Maisemassa [Svart Records, 2013]
8. Grey Branches - Plangent [Inner Surface Music, 2014]
9. Addremove - Crie [Threnes, 2017]
10. Blakk Harbor - Sunken [Blakk Harbor, 2018]
11. Ora Iso - Pour It on Me [Downwards, 2018]
12. Isolat Pattern - Twinning [Kvitnu, 2015]
13. Karim Maas - Zombissm [UVB-76 Music, 2018]
14. Szare - Translocated [Different Circles, 2018]
15. Abul Mogard - Drooping Off [Ecstatic, 2016]
16. Henrik Rylander - Feed Treatment [IDEAL Recordings, 2017]
17. Hexorcismos - ¡OKUPA! ( • Prenzlauer Berg • AM-FM Airwaves • Analogspace • ) [unreleased, 2018]
18. Potter Natalizia Zen - When Time Stops Moving [Ecstatic, 2018]
19. Aghast - Enter the Hall of Ice [Cold Meat Industry, 1995]
20. Shattered Knives - Trials [unreleased, 2018]
21. Daniel Higgs - Hems and Seams [Thrill Jockey, 2017]
22. The Modern Institute - Quicksilver Lips [Diagonal, 2018]
23. COH plays Cosey - Near You [Raster-Noton, 2008]
24. Jesuve - III [Total Black, 2018]
25. Hacavitz - Livskit [Dark Descent Records, 2015]
26. Black Boned Angel - Bliss and Void Inseparable [20 Buck Spin, 2006]
27. Wolvserpent - Gathering Strengths (Silence Within) [Crucial Blast, 2011]
28. Scarpa - Jonah Son of Amittai [She Lost Kontrol, 2017]
29. Circular Ruins - The Thorned Maze [Portals Editions, 2017]
30. Sentence - Accretion [BL_K Noise, 2017]
31. Barbara Ellison - Drawing Phantom #06 [self-released, 2018]
32. Tohomiko Sagae - Lidocaine [NURSE, 2017]
33. Kali Malone - Glory Canon III [Ascetic House, 2018]
34. Years of Denial + Alexey Volkov [Khemia Records, 2017]
35. John Duncan - Offffffff [IDEAL Recordings, 2018]
36. Ritual Howls - State Trooper [Nostilevo, 2013]
37. Scarlit Port - Marg [NURSE, 2017]
38. Raum - Come Home [ClanDestine Records, 2018]
39. Monolith - Manifesto [HANDS, 2018]
40. Ash Everywhere - Victim [unreleased, 2018]
41. La Peste - Glaces Par Ces Orgues Barbares [Hangars Liquides, 2006]
42. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Drogi [Polish Radio Experimental Studio, 2018]
43. Zeitkratzer - Monochromy [Musica Genera, 2015]
44. Urfaust - Verächtung Wird Einen Messertragenden Schatten [Target:Earth Productions, 2006]
45. Blut Aus Nord - Chapter V [Candlelight Records, 2006]
46. Matmos - Rag for William Burroughs [Matador, 2006]
47. Etheric Void - With His Name Comes Ashes [Fatal Productions, 2007]
48. Ana-Maria Avram - On The Abolition of the Soul [Edition Modern, 1997]

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