STM 304 - Teatre

Viktoras Urbaitis aka Teatre Ghia
Photo credits: Urtė Budnikaitė

Teatre builds a gripping narrative that merges his punk and industrial influences with fresh takes on techno mysticism.

Teatre builds a gripping narrative that merges his punk and industrial influences with fresh takes on techno mysticism.

Teatre is the alias of Viktoras Urbaitis, an ambitious young producer who's been an integral part of the Lithuanian scene for some time. Emerging from Kaunas-based Ghia collective as a promoter and DJ, Teatre's artistic journey is marked by perpetual curiosity and boldness to try his hand at a myriad of styles. In the span of two years, he has put out a considerable number of releases. The rough EBM of his debut Biennale got a catchy upgrade on his 2020 album Crime Imagery. At the same time, his darker aspirations developed through a handful of tracks that found their home across compilations from the likes of SARIN's X-IMG, Meta Moto, and Up North Records. His mix for Secret Thirteen is another step forward in Teatre's fervent investigation of sound, as the tracklist reveals both thoughtful selections of artists and a glimpse into his own forthcoming material.

STM 304 explores a mystical space beyond the thumping club-ready aesthetics, balancing on the verge of release that may never come. Teatre opts to present fresh takes on still-evolving industrial subgenres that find their impact in ominous, enchanting atmospheres and complex rhythmic structures. Starting off with the gritty poetics of Negilus Miega by Lithuanian artist Girnų Giesmės, Teatre builds a moody narrative that swells and morphs through the interaction between percussive patterns and abrasive textures. When more conventional beats do appear, they merely serve to accentuate the all-consuming fog that looms over this whole piece and its stunning iterations. As the deep, polysemic approaches to sound often emerge from underrepresented circles, the selection of artists in this mix is somewhat broader than usual. The trembling menace of Aliquis' track Svla from Georgian promising new label Borders of Known complements Lemna's sophisticated dread. Later on, the hypnotic track Sky Singing by Chinese duo Zaliva-D presents a standout moment of the mix. On the other hand, unavoidable classics such as early Swans track or sinister grooves of JK Flesh, offer an insight into Teatre's formative experiences with music and a constant experimental streak in his productions. STM 304 isn't only a testimonial of one artist's personal taste, but a sonic map of alternative destinations where your influences can take you.

My mix aimed to show all the influences that have shaped and continue to push my creative growth. The sound palette mostly consists of various hybrids of current post-industrial subgenres, which I continue to explore and draw from, while classics such as Swans, Girnų Giesmės and JK Flesh reflect the foundations upon which my musical mentalities are founded. This sort of fusion between mysticism and harshness is something that I’ve drawn mostly from my growth within the Lithuanian industrial scene and the Ghia collective in Kaunas; all this is added together with dramatic post-punk musical structures and the rough electronics that I’m always inclined towards. In the end, the mix had to have a cohesive story, containing both a narrative structure and future intrigue, punctuated by some of my own recent productions.

01. Girnř Giesmës - Negilus Miegas [Autarkeia, 2006]
02. Teatre unreleased
03. Christian Cosmos - Behold, A Sower Went Out To Sow. [Hospital Productions, 2011]
04. Hakai - Anxiety [Megastructure, 2020]
05. Aliquis - Svla [Borders Of Known, 2020]
06. Lemna - Jipaptok [Altar, 2019]
07. Haraam - Sister [Moral Defeat, 2015]
08. Teatre unreleased
09. Swans - Blackout [Neutral Records, 1983]
10. Teatre unreleased
11. JK Flesh - Armour Of Faith [Daymare Recordings, 2019]
12. Teatre unreleased
13. SKD - Apziňas Mehanizâcija [Sturm, 2020]
14. Matter - Depth [Kvitnu, 2015]
15. Söldnergeist - Realities Of War [Art Konkret, 1996]
16. UVB 76 - 513 [Midi Deux Entertainment, 2015]
17. Zaliva-D - Sky Singing [SVBKVLT, 2018]
18. An-i + Unhuman - Cannibals [L.I.E.S. Records, 2019]
19. Human Performance Lab - Deliverance [aufnahme + wiedergabe, 2020]
20. Acid Vatican - Beastmaster [Clan Destine Records, 2018]
21. Public Image Limited - The Order of Death [Virgin, 1984]

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